Chocomoments Pisa

Chocomoments 2
Chocomoments 2
Via Oberdan
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The goodness and the magic of handmade chocolate becomes the protagonist in Pisa, where everything is ready for the fifth edition of 'ChocoMoments Pisa', the great feast of homemade chocolate - promoted by Confesercenti Northern Tuscany with the patronage of the Municipality of Pisa and organized by ChocoMoments. A sweet weekend that appeals to young and old and offers great emopzioni to be held November 4 to 6 in via Oberdan in Pisa. Cooking show, chocolate lessons for adults, tasting and fun workshop to learn how to make a torte or a praline, and for the little ones, laboratories to have fun playing with cocoa. There's something for everyone: chocolates and pralines, spreads and tablets, liquor and artistic creations with chocolate, chocolate sculptures that make you mouth water in the exhibition of the chocolate market with always up stand open from 10.00 to 20.00.

At the Chocolate Factory, a veritable open-air laboratory with an old millstone always running, will be held teaching and taste experiences for all tastes are provided tasting courses of fine single origin chocolates with curious combinations and Choco word workshop educational introduces us to the knowledge dellalla chocolate processing: from the cocoa bean to the finished chocolate.

Among the events not to be missed are the cooking show with tasting at the Chocolate Factory: 'How is a praline' the master chocolatier Giancarlo Maestrone (Friday to 18.00) and 'How a torte' (Sunday at 15.00). But the big surprise of this edition is the long chocolate bar well 10 meters, which will be made Saturday at 18:00 in live by chocolatiers and then offer free tasting to all those present.

For the little ones there is the Babyciok space open daily from 15.30 to 17.30 where you can improvise with the chocolate, to make delicious chocolates with all the necessary equipment: aprons, hats, gloves and tools for machining (cost € 5.00).

Adult chocolate lovers will learn to make chocolates by participating in the mini-course pralines on Sunday from 10.00 to 12.00 (cost € 30.00 per person reservations required). All school children will receive a fun bookmark with which they will be entitled to a discount of 1 euro to take part in the workshops.