Bright 2019 - la notte dei ricercatori

Schermata 2019 09 16 Alle 14.29.56
Schermata 2019 09 16 Alle 14.29.56
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Friday, September 27th, the fascinating journey into the world of research with BRIGHT 2019, the Night of Researchers in Tuscany. Also this year the great party dedicated to research will bring its protagonists to the streets and squares of the historical center of all the cities involved, and will open the doors of the laboratories to the citizens who will be able to talk to researchers, appreciate their competence and passion. know the positive impact the results of their work have on quality of life.
In Pisa, the BRIGHT 2019 program provides a map of events that will follow the ideal path of a "knowledge subway" designed to link the universities and research studies promoting the initiative: University of Pisa, Scuola Normale Superiore, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, CNR, INGV and INFN.
To underline the connection between the many offices where research is carried out in Pisa, the city of research par excellence, the activities will in fact be organized according to a line "5" (Food and health for all / Life and technologies / Natural wonders / Society of today and tomorrow / European cultural heritage) that will unfold from the streets of the city center to the San Cataldo Area (CNR - Department of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry), passing through the University museums up to Calci.
For the 2019 Researchers' Night, the Institute of Informatics and Telematics (IIT CNR) will propose scientific activities, outdoor scientific banquets, School-Work Alternation activities and Seminars. The detailed program of all the initiatives is available on the following websites: