Borgo largo in festa

Carrello Gioco Del Ponte 2018 2
Carrello Gioco Del Ponte 2018 2
Borgo largo
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Saturday, May 25th from 4 pm Borgo Largo in Festa returns - Special Pisano June, Game of the Bridge.
Borgo Largo in party comes from an idea of the merchants of Borgo Largo as a fun and aggregation event to be repeated once a month.
Will be present: Commanders, Fighters, Flag-wavers, Tamburini and Trombettieri of Tramontana. The extras, as well as performing, will show the various instruments to the participants.
For the smaller games and workshops all themed Gioco del Ponte, with personalized awards and awards. There will also be a demonstration of the card game 'Er Gioo' with the theme of Game of the Bridge and the "Pisopoli" board game.
Also, stand with gadgets from the Gioco del Ponte.