Teatro Sant'Andrea
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Teatri di Confine (“Boarder Theatres”) is a festival which, originally conceived in Pisa, has recently spread to reach other places of the Pisan area, as far as Buti. This Tuscan Municipality is home to two important theatres: Sant'Andrea and Francesco di Bartolo, which have been chosen to play host for a relevant programme of quality shows, selected from an outstanding shortlist. The plays included in this repertoire are actually to be numbered among the most representative of the Italian scene over the past two years.

The festival was initially designed and promoted by “Fondazione Toscana Spettacolo” as a showcase for emerging theatrical talent. The project has proven impressive enough to have its schedule supported byPisa District and Pisa Municipalityin collaboration with Pisa Theatre Foundation.

At 09:15 p.m.

Friday, October, 17th, UN BÈS – ANTONIO LIGABUE by Mario Perrotta

Friday, October, 24th, GIRL 1.0 by and with Laura Rossi

Thursday, November, 6th, THE TROJAN WOMEN, fragments from a tragedy, freely adapted from Euripides, dramatisation and direction by Mitipretese

Wednesday, November, 19th, DIFFRACTION # 1, concept and direction by Gabriele Marangoni

Friday, December, 5th, SILENCE by Harold Pinter, direction by Dario Marconcini

Thursday, December, 18th, OOOOOOO(IT), direction and choreography by Giulio D’Anna