Blind Date, concerto al buio

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Blind Date 1
Teatro Verdi
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Light-Dark-Light: this is the key to reading the score "Blind Date - Concert in the dark", created in 2009 by the pianist and composer Cesare Picco, and that Friday evening (April 20 at 21) arrives at the Teatro Verdi in Pisa in a tour promoted by Cbm Italia Onlus, the largest international humanitarian organization involved in the treatment and prevention of avoidable blindness and disability in the countries of the southern hemisphere, since 1989 partner of the World Health Organization in the fight against preventable blindness and deafness. Because of its particularity and its aims, "Blind Date - Concert in the dark" is also very awaited in Pisa: free admission with compulsory reservation and ticket assignment, in fact now sees only a few dozen places left available, available at the box office of the Teatro Verdi filling out the appropriate form that will be delivered at the counter, or by booking on the Cbm Italia website:
Cesare Picco, an internationally renowned musician whose music combines elements of classical music with those of jazz and contemporary music, created the "Blind Date - Concerto al Buio" in 2009 and from there was born the collaboration with Cbm that has today brought this performance in the main Italian cities, including Milan, Padua, Rome, Naples, Palermo and Bari. The extraordinary piano improvisation by Cesare Picco in "Blind-Date-Concert in the Dark" is a real magical experience that goes beyond boundaries drawn by music, putting viewers in an unusual dimension, the depth of total darkness, in which they are led little by little, depriving them of the most important of the senses, the sight, which normally offers the possibility of appreciating life in all its forms of beauty. "The darkness that then becomes light again is the fundamental step to sensitize public opinion on what it means for a person who lives in the countries of the South of the world to regain his sight by coming out of the darkness of the dark. That's why the 'Blind Date' is a unique sensory journey, an intense emotion, an experience that can not stop, just as it does not stop the work on the CBM field: being blind in a poor country means risking your life every day "Declared Massimo Maggio, director of Cbm Italia Onlus.
They are partners of the Yamaha initiative and the music magazine Amadeus, of the Cose Belle d'Italia Group, in collaboration with IBS and #Logosedizioni. The concert, as already mentioned, is free; the donation in favor of Cbm projects in the countries of the South of the world is recommended: "Let's stop blindness. Together it is possible - launched on October 12th, world view day, and valid until next September - is the new fundraising campaign of Cbm Italia Onlus that aims to save from the blindness 2 and a half million men, women and poor children. There are 37 projects for the prevention and treatment of blindness and visual disabilities in Africa, Asia and Latin America that Cbm Italia will support thanks to the funds raised and which will take the form of visual screening in schools and villages, eye examinations, surgical operations, pathways rehabilitation, preparation of ophthalmic mobile clinics, antibiotic distribution, well construction, professional training of doctors and operators and awareness.
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