Beyond Dante at Chiesa della Spina

Al di là di Dante alla Chiesa della Spina
Al di là di Dante alla Chiesa della Spina
Chiesa di Santa Maria della Spina
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From Saturday 18 December 2021 to Saturday 8 January 2022, at the Church of Santa Maria della Spina, it is possible to admire the artistic project "Beyond Dante", by Tannaz Lahiji, an Iranian artist who has lived in Florence for years. The project is curated by Manuela Antonucci.

The artist is known for her body painting performances and contemporary art installations.

Beginning with the Vortice Infernale, installed inside the Church of Santa Maria della Spina and the Busto di Dante, located in the area outside the Church, the journey will continue in the early months of 2022 with the "Vortice in Arno" on the Ponte Solferino.

The Boat of Charon will be lowered into the Arno in Florence on 21 March 2022 and will symbolically travel along the entire river to arrive in Pisa in April, to conclude its journey in summer, when it will reach the sea - Piazza Gorgona, in Marina di Pisa.

Wednesday 5 January, at 4 p.m., at the Church of Santa Maria della Spina in Pisa, there will be the finissage of the work by the Persian artist Tannaz Lahiji, Vortice Infernale; the ice work, Busto di Dante, created by the same artist, will close the first appointment of the exhibition cycle that Lahiji has designed for Pisa (five installations located in the historical centre of the city, from Lungarno Gambacorti to Ponte Solferino, the Cittadella, up to Marina di Pisa). The Bust of Dante will be available for a limited period of time, the latter being related to the nature of the work and, of course, to the temperatures that will prevail in those days.