Ubaldo Pantani presents Arsenale dell'arte comica

Ubaldo Pantani presenta Tragicomica
Ubaldo Pantani presenta Tragicomica
Cinema Arsenale
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Tragicomica: on the Sammartino stage in Pisa the first show of the theatre school directed by actor Ubaldo Pantani 7 voices on stage in the show produced by "L'Arsenale dell'arte comica".

WEDNESDAY 31 MAY from 9.30 p.m. at the Arsenale Sammartino space (Via S. Martino, 69)

by and with: Simone Antonelli, Leonardo Barachini, Marco Cavazza, Filippo D'Andrea Stefano Giolli, Ismail Ndiaye, Andrea Prestianni, collaboration on texts and direction: Valerio Acampora and Ubaldo Pantani

production: Arsenale
genre: comedy
duration: 1h and 30 minutes

Appointment at the theatre with Tragicomica, the seven-voice show that closes the first year of the theatre school of actor and comedian Ubaldo Pantani. The show, written and directed by Pantani in collaboration with Valerio Acampora and produced by the Arsenale dell'arte comica, will be staged on Wednesday 31 May, at 9.30 p.m., at the Sammartino Arsenal in Pisa. It will be followed by Pantani's after show.

Seven theatrical shorts united by an uncommon dose of cheekiness, courage and fierce self-mockery.  Seven stories each telling a slice of tragicomic life: from reflecting on the life of the shift worker to sharing the pleasures of retirement, from the apology of the singer in love to the war fought against panic attacks.

Third replication for the first show of L'Arsenale dell'arte comica, born from the encounter between the historic Arsenale film club in Pisa and Ubaldo Pantani, a long-time resident of the city. The project aims to set up an advanced training school for actors and authors who wish to try their hand at the tragicomic language, in theatre, cinema, TV and on the web. Thanks to a repeated and constant exercise, the school, in this first year of activity, has helped the students to identify their own artistic path, the time horizon of development and the research method for implementing it. The school wants to develop a laboratory of ideas and projects that can be turned into theatre and film productions to be promoted on the market.

Ubaldo Pantani: he is a comedian and imitator. He graduated in Political Science from the University of Pisa with a thesis in Methodologies and Techniques of Social Research on the applications of comic language in learning. A pupil of Giorgio Albertazzi at the Laboratorio d´Arti Sceniche in Volterra, he initially played dramatic roles with the Teatro Sant´Andrea in Pisa. On TV, he has taken part in numerous RAI comedy programmes (Macao, Convenscion, Parla con me, Glob, QuelliCheIlCalcio), Mediaset (the Mai dire... cycle with the Gialappa's Band) and LA7 (Assolo, Fratelli e sorelle d'Italia), mainly in the role of comic impersonator, proposing very successful characters. In cinema, he has been directed by Giovanni Veronesi, Luca Miniero and Fausto Brizzi. Passionate about history, since 2014 he has been hosting specials for RaiDue for the Day of Remembrance. One of these, dedicated to Gino Bartali, has become a theatre show.