The Mayor Von Frinzius Company with the show Sleepwalkers

La Compagnia Mayor Von Frinzius con lo spettacolo Sonnambuli
La Compagnia Mayor Von Frinzius con lo spettacolo Sonnambuli
Piazza del Cavalieri
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The inclusive theatre show presented by the Mayor Von Frinzius Company entitled 'Sonnambuli, se c'è un rigore lo tiro io' (Sleepwalkers, if there is a penalty I'll throw it), produced by the Von Frinzius Company, the Goldoni Theatre Foundation of Livorno and O.A.M.I. with the support, as main sponsor of the event in Pisa, of the Pisa Foundation and the Dopo di Noi Foundation, will be held on Sunday 11 September in Piazza dei Cavalieri. The show, which is part of the "Summer Knights" festival under the patronage of the Municipality of Pisa and organised by the Verdi Theatre Foundation together with LEG (Live Emotion Group), was presented this morning at a press conference in Palazzo Gambacorti in the presence of the Mayor of Pisa, the President of the Pisa Foundation, Stefano Del Corso, the President of the "Dopo di noi" Foundation, Francesco Barachini, the President of the Verdi Theatre Foundation, Patrizia Paoletti Tangheroni, the director Lamberto Giannini, and the President of Aipd of Pisa, Sandro del Rosso.

Mayor Von Frinzius is a theatre company from Livorno founded in 1997. It is currently part of the O.A.M.I. association and its shows are co-produced by the Carlo Goldoni Theatre Foundation of Livorno. In 1997, the need arose within the Anffas Onlus of Livorno to start a theatre workshop to provide children with a sense of self that could be different from the identity that the social mirror fixes on them like an indelible mask. After a training period, the first workshops saw only young people with disabilities on stage, who were directed by Lamberto Giannini in the dual role of actor and director.

Director Lamberto Giannini started from his own experience as a sleepwalker to create this show and encapsulate within it dreams, nightmares, ambitions and fears not only of himself but also of his actors and collaborators. Alongside Giannini we find Rachele Casali, assistant director since 2017 and in charge of the show's soundtrack and production, Silvia Angiolini, who after years as an actress is making her directorial debut for the first time, bringing enthusiasm and precision to her organisational and artistic choices, Marianna Sgherri, a historical collaborator capable of transforming her own visions into exciting choreographies, and Francesco Pacini, stage manager for the third year running.

The show, which debuted on Thursday 19 May on the stage of Livorno's Teatro Goldoni, will be repeated on 11 September in Piazza dei Cavalieri in Pisa. Produced by the Mayor Von Frinzius Company, the Goldoni Theatre Foundation and O.A.M.I, it also enjoys the renewed collaboration with the Banca di Credito Cooperativo di Castagneto Carducci, the Company's main sponsor for the fifth year running. The show has also been realised thanks to the collaboration of Twin Group, Audemars Piguet, Thisintegra, Compagnia Portuale di Livorno, Circolo ricreativo lavoratori del porto, Fondazione Livorno, Lions Club Livorno porto mediceo, Rotary Club Livorno, Rotary International, ASA, Autolinee Toscane, The Cage, the Municipality of Livorno, and Regione Toscana.

The show will be held on Sunday 11 September in Pisa's Piazza dei Cavalieri at 9 p.m., with free admission (no booking required).