Record Exhibition

Mostra Mercato del Disco
Mostra Mercato del Disco
Logge di Banchi, Piazza XX Settembre
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The Logge di Banchi in Piazza XX Settembre will host the Record Exhibition.

Exhibitors and collectors with their CDs, DVDs, 33 rpm, 45 rpm records and much more are waiting for you!

Free entrance from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The Pisa Record Exhibition returns to the city centre in Logge di Banchi in Pisa with free admission to bring together not only collectors but also the curious, tourists and new generations to promote quality music listening.
On Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 October, exhibitors will come from all over Italy with their vinyl goodies: from rarities to records for all budgets.
An opportunity not to be missed for all vinyl fans, but not only, CDs and mixes.

The Pisa Record Fair is organised by the cultural association Ganzo! Cultural Events, now a reference point for the organisation of various events throughout Tuscany such as Pisa Vintage, Mostra del Disco Lucca, Mostra del Disco Prato, Mostra del Disco Follonica and Ganzo Comics.

Collectors but also just fans of listening to music on vinyl will find at the Logge di Banchi di Pisa any genre, from rock to classical, from jazz to blues, from punk to new wave, from experimental music to Italian author songs, from English prog to reggae.

We will be playing with the past in order to always look to the future through vinyl, in all its forms: rock, reggae, punk, jazz, blues, classical, Italian, folk, and more.
The public will find collectors' rarities, records they have been chasing for years, curiosities, bargains not to be missed. There will be no shortage of rare surprises: from Italian rap from the 1990s to the new Radiohead and Massive Attack, the first pressings of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, to Italian prog and the ever-present Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd.

During the event there will also be the important presence of Radio Incontro, the city of Pisa's radio station since 1977, close to the initiatives of the territory with its speakers and collaborators.
During the event, the impressions of buyers and collectors, but also of simple fans of the vinyl world, will be collected.
The opportunity to attend this event will allow all visitors to get to know the radio's programmes and speakers.