Pisa city of women

Pisa città delle donne
Pisa città delle donne
Giardino La Nunziatina
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Pisa, city of women. Paths and visions through the history of art.

A new appointment with Scrittori in Borgo at Giardino La Nunziatina to talk about the women who have made the history of the city, starting from the book "IMMAGINI FEMMINILI NELL'ARTE PISANA. Storie e percorsi dall'antichità al contemporaneo'.

On Friday 14 July, at 7.30 p.m., on the stage of La Nunziatina Garden, we will talk about 'Pisa, city of women. Paths and visions through the history of art'. The event, which is part of the calendar of appointments of the review Scrittori in Borgo promoted by the Ghibellina bookshop, inaugurates a cycle of meetings that will unfold starting from the book recently published by Edizioni ETS, IMMAGINI FEMMINILI NELL'ARTE PISANA. Storie e percorsi dall'antichità al contemporaneo, edited by Silvia Panichi and Cristina Cagianelli. The meeting will be moderated by journalist Marina Magnani and will see the authors of the book in dialogue with Renata Pepicelli of the University of Pisa. The event will be followed, at 9:30 p.m., by an evening of dancing with WOMEN IN MUSIC | ALICE DJSET + VALE.

The book, from which the meeting starts, proposes Pisa read from an unusual angle, in which emphasis is placed on female images that re-emerge from its cultural, artistic and religious history. In some cases, these are well-known figures dear to the collective imagination, such as Chinzica, Santa Bona, Artemisia Gentileschi, Eleonora di Toledo and Isabella Roncioni; in others, women linked to the city in less obvious but nonetheless significant ways. 

An unprecedented and stimulating itinerary linked by a feminine fil rouge, which leads to the rediscovery of works preserved in places of great importance within the urban fabric and in some prestigious museum collections, be they frescoes, paintings, engravings, sculptures, ceremonial clothes, but also architecture, coins, or calculating machines. Thanks to the meeting of different skills and experiences, a broad mosaic of the extraordinary story of Pisa from antiquity to the present day is thus composed.

The book is enriched by texts by: Chiara Balbarini, Monica Baldassarri, Valeria Barboni, Chiara Bodei, Cristina Cagianelli, Vittoria Camelliti, Maria Chiara Favilla, Claudia Lamberti, Elena Lazzarini, Ilaria Mariotti, Bruna Niccoli, Silvia Pagnin, Silvia Panichi, Emma Rovini, Maddalena Spagnolo, Chiara Tarantino, Alice Tavoni, Silvia Tomasi Velli.