Pisa: beauty, culture, history and tradition

Pisa: bellezza, cultura, storia e tradizione
Pisa: bellezza, cultura, storia e tradizione
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The collective exhibition dedicated to Pisa: beauty, culture, history and tradition will be inaugurated on Saturday 10 June at 6 p.m. at the historical spaces of the GAMeC CentroArteModerna in Pisa (Lungarno Mediceo n.26), curated and arranged by Massimiliano Sbrana, which will allow visitors to discover the works that numerous authors have dedicated to Pisa.

Pisa is a city that needs no introduction. Known throughout the world for its famous leaning tower, Pisa is much more than a monument. It is a city rich in beauty, culture, history and traditions, which are manifested in each of its transfigurations, from the most traditional to the most contemporary.

The beauty of Pisa can be admired walking around its historical centre, where architectural masterpieces such as the Duomo, the Baptistery, the Camposanto and the Church of Santa Maria della Spina can be found. But also evocative views such as the Lungarno, the Ponte di Mezzo and the Piazza dei Cavalieri. Every corner of Pisa tells a story, a testimony to its glorious past as a maritime republic and cultural and artistic centre.

Pisa's culture is also expressed in its intellectual and creative vivacity. Indeed, Pisa is home to one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Italy, founded in 1343 and attended by illustrious personalities such as Galileo Galilei, Leonardo Fibonacci and Carlo Goldoni. The university contributes to making Pisa a young and dynamic city, full of cultural and social initiatives. These include the Luminara di San Ranieri, a festival that illuminates the facades of the buildings along the Arno River with thousands of candles every year on 16 June.

Pisa is therefore a city that knows how to amaze and enchant its visitors with its beauty, culture, history and traditions. A city to discover each time and to love forever..

On this occasion, works by: Andreozzi Sergio, Banti Franco, Berti Alberto, Berti Davide, Biondi Giuseppe, Bonfanti Gino, Bracciotti Michele, Bussotti Renzo, Carta Daniela, Corrado Mimmo, D'Orta Carlo, Fornaca Giorgio, Galardini Renzo, Magoni Bruno, Martini Uliano, Meucci Mario, Pannunzio Maria Teresa, Pierucci Sapio Silvia, Pratesi Senio, Sapio Francesca, Sapio Giovanni Ortensio, Sbrana Giulio, Semeraro Pietro, Simonelli Aspreno , Tarabella Marzia (Mabell), Viacheslav Shmagin, Viviani Vanni.

The exhibition will continue until 21 June with free admission.

Special openings on Sunday 11 and 18 June 2023 with opening hours 5-7 p.m.

Hours: 10-12.30 a.m., 4-6.30 p.m. (weekdays). Closed Mondays. Holidays, please call.