Nerone Night Experience 2023

Nerone Night Experience 2023
Nerone Night Experience 2023
Porta San Zeno
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A night-time walk with video projections to discover Etruscan and Roman Pisa with an unprecedented itinerary in the historic centre that touches on corners of the city never seen before. Acquario della Memoria proposes 'NERONE Night Experience', a new appointment with the walking cinema, which accompanies 'Mura di Pisa Night Experience', the routes on the high walkway.

Three dates: Sunday 14, Sunday 21 and Sunday 28 May 2023, departure at 9:30 pm from Porta San Zeno (meadow side) and arrival at Bagni di Nerone at approximately 11 pm.

The route starts from images and stories of Etruscan Pisa to arrive at the Roman period through historical sources, aerial shots integrated with 3D reconstructions, animated shadows, and historical iconography. The various stages will unveil the mysteries of the Roman city such as the lost amphitheatre, the tales of ancient travellers and scholars from Rutilio Namaziano to Strabone, the ancient relationship with water starting from the river Auser, the life and workings of the thermal establishment with the underworld of the wood-burning furnaces fed by slaves, the legend of San Torpé that links Nero, San Pietro, the Villa of Corliano and the ancient and powerful family of the Venulei.
The tour will offer the opportunity to discover previously undiscovered corners such as the green path connecting Via San Zeno and Via del Brennero through a small door in the Walls, touching the site of the lost amphitheatre and the extraordinary garden of the Carmelite friars.
Recommended for audiences 12 years and older.

Ticket price €10 plus €2 pre-sale, for reservations and tickets:
For information: WhatsApp +39 329-4786013, email