Marenia NonSoloMare 2022

Marenia NonSoloMare 2022
Marenia NonSoloMare 2022
Marina di Pisa - Tirrenia - Calambrone
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Summer is coloured by the numerous appointments of Marenia NonSoloMare, a programme of events for the summer of 2022 on the Pisa coastline. Many are the evenings that make up the festival, which takes place from Marina di Pisa to Tirrenia and Calambrone. This year has a special flavour because it celebrates 150 years since the founding of Marina di Pisa and 90 years since the founding of Tirrenia.

Marenia NonSoloMare is a series of summer events promoted by the Municipality of Pisa, Department of Tourism, with the contribution of the Pisa Chamber of Commerce, the collaboration of the Verdi Theatre Foundation of Pisa, the support of Confcommercio in the province of Pisa, Confesercenti Toscana Nord, Pro Loco Litorale Pisano, and the participation of the Eliopoli cultural association and independent bookshops in the city and the coastline. All appointments are free of charge, subject to availability. (

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Dialoghi d'autore, Tirrenia (2-31 July)

The coastal literary meetings return to animate the month of July for the second year. This year the location will be in Tirrenia, in the redeveloped Ciclilandia area. Once again this year the initiative has been organised with the participation of the city's independent bookshops: Libreria Erasmus, Libreria Pellegrini, Gli Anni in Tasca, Libreria Civico 14, Libreria Fogola, Libreria dei Ragazzi.

On Saturday 2 July (7.00 p.m.), Anna Vera Viva presents 'Un'indagine nel cuore segreto di Napoli' (An investigation into the secret heart of Naples), in dialogue with the Pisan writer Andrea Falchi, followed by (9.30 p.m.) Marco Vichi talks with Leonardo Gori on 'Non tutto è perduto. Un'avventura del commissario Bordelli'.
CANCELLED - Sunday 3 July (9.30 p.m.) Mario Lodi and Giorgio Scaramuzzino present 'Cipì e bandiera in scena'.
Monday 4 July (9.30 p.m.) Franco Arminio presents 'Studi sull'amore'.
Saturday 9 July (9.30 p.m.) Maurizio De Giovanni presents "Un volo per Sara".
Sunday 10 July (9.30 p.m.) Rick Dufer presents "Seneca among the Zombies", a philosophical guide to surviving chaos.
Friday 15 July (9.30 pm) Ezio Gavazzeni presents "La furia degli uomini".
Saturday 16 July (9.30 pm) Stefania Auci presents "I leoni di Sicilia. L'inverno dei leoni".
Saturday 23 July (8.45 p.m.) Luigi Garlando presents "Per questo mi chiamo Giovanni. da un padre a un figlio il racconto della vita di Giovanni Falcone".
Friday 29 July (9.30 p.m.) Marcello Veneziani presents "La cappa".
Saturday 30 July (9.30 p.m.) The Jungle Book, a musical.
Sunday 31 July (9.30 p.m.) Cristiano Militello.


Teatrino del sole, Marina di Pisa (1-29 July)

The most eagerly awaited event for children is renewed with the Teatrino del Sole in Marina di Pisa. The programme includes events every Friday in July, at 21.30 in Via Arni 4.

Friday 1 July, 'Robin Hood in Nottingham Castle', by the Guardians of the Goose of Chieti.
Friday 8 July, "Pinocchio", organised by the Cerchio tondo of Lecco.
Friday 15 July, "Storie in soffitta", organised by Accettella teatro di Roma.
Friday 22 July, "Il mare blu", organised by Teatro del drago from Ravenna.
Friday 29 July, "Fiabe al telefono", organised by Tieffeu from Perugia.


August in music, Marina di Pisa (16-19 August)

Music returns to the stage in Piazza delle Baleari in Marina di Pisa: four concerts by big names and a talent show. A packed four days of live shows (starting at 9.30 p.m.): it starts on 16 August with Michele Bravi and continues on 17 August with Motta, on 18 August with Mario Biondi, and on 19 August with The Kolors.

The show continues on Saturday 20 August at 9.30 p.m. with 'La Nazione Talent Show', again on the stage in Piazza delle Baleari.


Eliopoli, Calambrone (June-September)

Calambrone comes alive with shows, talks and concerts from June to September with Eliopoli, the festival in Piazza Antonio Madonna. Once again this year there is a varied offer of meetings, debates, concerts and entertainment. Among others, Meet Andrea Vianello (1 July), talk show with Asia Argento (15 July), Caporali Coraggiosi in concert (22 July), Joe Bastianich in concert (6 August), talk show with Michele Placido (26 August). Sunday evening events for children are scheduled.
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Pro loco Litorale Pisano (June-September)

Also for the summer of 2022, the Pro Loco Litorale Pisano organises a vast calendar of events to liven up the evenings in Marina, Tirrenia and Calambrone. Of particular note is the 'Notti Blu' (Blue Nights) event, organised at the Tirrenia Golf Club, a cycle of meetings, shows and concerts that can also be combined with aperitifs and dinner.

Thursday 23 June (10 p.m.) Sandra Milo with the Madaus.
Thursday 7 July (10 p.m.) musical tribute to Milva.
Thursday 14 July (10 p.m.) "La corte dei miracoli", magic show.
Thursday 21 July (10 p.m.) "Il segreto di Susanna", opera-comedy show.
Thursday 28 July (10 p.m.) Giulia di Quilio, burlesque show.
Friday 5 August (10 p.m.) Rick Hutton, rock concert.
Thursday 11 August (10p.m.) Anna Meacci in "Volevo fare la dj," comedy show.
Thursday 18 August (10 p.m.) Angels and Devils blues, theatre and music.
Thursday 25 August (10 p.m.) The importance of prevention for the early diagnosis of breast cancer.
Thursday 1 September (10 p.m.) Katia Beni show.


Events organised by Confcommercio

Saturday 16 July, Marina di Pisa, "Marina Parade"
This year's Marina Parade will take place between Via Maiorca, Piazza Baleari, and the seafront with street entertainment and music groups of various kinds. The valorisation of the coastal area and the related tourist promotion will be the two main objectives of the event, made possible above all by the availability of the local commercial fabric and public establishments that will have the opportunity to offer visibility to their activities during the evening.

Saturday 23 July, Tirrenia, 'Notte Blu 2022' (10th edition)
The Blue Night will be held as every year in Tirrenia at the end of July. It will be a moment of strong emotional impact and visibility for the entire area, giving life to an event in which DJs will perform again this year in the evocative setting of piazza Belvedere, via Delle Rose , piazza dei Fiori and neighbouring streets, involving all the actors of the area in the various shows: visitors, citizens, tourists, companies and businesses. The whole day will be studded with dance performances, street artists, clowns, children's make-up artists, fire-eaters, craft markets and various demonstrations in a tour of emotions, colours, fragrances, flavours and fun that will give adults and children alike an authentic night-time spectacle where after midnight it will be possible to experience the longest night on the coast.

Friday 26 August, Tirrenia, "Rememories Tirrenia, Ciclilandia"
A sensational evening will enliven Tirrenia's nightlife, where it will be possible to immerse oneself and have fun recalling the fantastic 80s and 90s of music. From a fantastic stage, set up with lights, it will still be possible to enjoy an eccentric and passionate 20-year musical period, dusting off not only vinyl records but also performances such as DJs and vocalists who lived the 90s in every club in Tuscany and beyond.


Events Parco di San Rossore (June-July)

Also added to the Marenia programme for the first time is the series of events curated by Parco di San Rossore that will be held at Villa Giraffa, inside the estate, and include literary meetings, dance performances and concerts.

On Tuesday 28 June (6.30 pm) "Ambiente e Costituzione" by Sandro Pertici, moderated by Francesco Pozzi. Preceded at 5.30 p.m. by the presentation of Pertici's book with Agnese Pini (director of "La Nazione") in the Gronchi Room.
Thursday 30 June (6.00 p.m.), "Ribot in the Park", rondò Cascine Vecchie: Ribot roundabout dedication, followed by Renzo Castelli talks about "Ribot in Pisa", moderated by Francesca Petrucci.
Friday 1 July (6.30 p.m.), "Il più bel Cantico fra i Cantici", dance theatre, a performance freely inspired by "Il Cantico dei Cantici" in Guido Ceronetti's translation, organised by Movimento in Actor and Concorda.
Tuesday 5 July (6.30 p.m.), "Salvarsi con il verde" by Andrea Mati, moderated by Francesca Petrucci.
Friday 8 July (6.30 p.m.), Musical Picnic Revolution. Songwriters, environment and good food, organised by the association I cavalieri.
Tuesday 12 July (6.30 pm), "La biolibertà. In search of new balances between people and animals", with Ciro Troiano, Massimo Vitturi, Lorenzo Bani, moderated by Raffaele Zortea.
Friday 15 July (6.30 p.m.), Gombo beach, Music on water.
Tuesday 19 July (6.30 p.m.), "Attenti al lupo? The situation between myth and reality', by Professor Apollonio, moderated by Raffaele Zortea.
Friday 22 July (6.30 p.m.), "Duo Grandesso", with Damiano Grandesso, saxophones, Marcello Grandesso, accordion, organised by the Fanny Mendelssohn Association.
Tuesday 26 July (6.30 p.m.), "L'erba voglio cresce solo nel Parco" (The grass only grows in the Park), with Emilio Tomei, herbarium of Pisa and Francesco Mati, "Linn e il segreto dell'erbario alchemico" (Linn and the secret of the alchemic herbarium), moderated by Francesca Petrucci.
Friday 28 July (6.30 pm), "Nays", musical quintet.

Bagno degli Americani

Friday 1 July | 22:30
Bagno degli Americani, Tirrenia
Monster of Rock

Monday 4 July | 19:00
Bagno degli Americani, Tirrenia

Friday 8 July | 22:30
Bagno degli Americani, Tirrenia

From 11/07 to 15/07 | 21:15
Bagno degli Amernicani, Tirrenia
Cinema on the beach. Programming for young and old
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Friday 15 July | 22:30
Bagno degli Americani, Tirrenia
Green Day tribute band

Friday 22 July | 22:30
Bagno degli Americani, Tirrenia
Kiss tribute band

Friday 29 July | 22:30
Bagno degli Americani, Tirrenia
Oasis tribute band

Friday 5 August | 22:30
Bagno degli Americani, Tirrenia

Friday 12 August | 22:30
Bagno degli Americani, Tirrenia
Iron Maiden tribute band

Sunday 14 August | 19:00
Bagno degli Americani, Tirrenia
Music, food and drinks

Friday 19 August | 22:30
Bagno degli Americani, Tirrenia
Pearl Jam tribute band

Friday 26 August | 20:00
Bagno degli Americani, Tirrenia
Evening on the beach with live music

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