'G124 Renzo Piano. Projects method contaminations'

'G124 Renzo Piano. Progetti metodo contaminazioni'
'G124 Renzo Piano. Progetti metodo contaminazioni'
Arsenali Repubblicani
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Meetings, conferences and a project exhibition surrounded by more than 70 trees. It will be a green setting the one hosted by the Arsenali Repubblicani in Pisa for the event "G124 Renzo Piano. Progetti metodo contaminazioni" (G124 Renzo Piano. Methodical contaminations projects), which will be held in the city from 7 to 15 October thanks to the collaboration between the G124 group, created by the architect Renzo Piano as part of his senatorship for life, and the association LP - Laboratorio Permanente per la Città, the creator and curator of the Pisa Architecture Biennial. Rediscovering meaning, recreating places that have become marginalised over time, working on proximity to build a new sense of community. This is the method that guides both realities in the conception and realisation of projects capable of rethinking neighbourhoods, suburbs and city spaces, with the active participation of administrations and citizens. All over Italy with G124, and in Pisa thanks to LP, which for the first time will also exhibit the Charter of Possible Actions, proposing a real method of reading and approaching the city.

Inauguration on Friday 7 October at the Arsenali Repubblicani, at 4.30 p.m., with the exhibition dedicated to the "urban" projects carried out by G124 in various Italian cities and by LP in the districts of Pisa. The layout of the exhibition, which will be at the Arsenali until Saturday 15 October, will include tables partly "flying", hanging from the ceiling, and partly displayed on some large tables. All based on green, which will be predominant, and accompanied by audio, 3D models and videos with the voice of, among others, Senator Renzo Piano. There will then be meetings and conferences, again in the setting of the Republican Arsenals. Tuesday 11 October (3.00 p.m.) is devoted to the theme of "Architectures in solidarity" with Massimo Alvisi, Ottavio Di Blasi and Maurizio Milan, while on Thursday 13 October (3.30 p.m.) Renzo's children Lia and Carlo Piano arrive in Pisa for a "Journey through Renzo Piano's architecture". The conclusion on Friday 14 October with "Diary of the suburbs. The G124 method" with Matteo Agnoletto, Fabio Daole, Francesco Defilippis, Massimo Del Seppia, Nicola Flora, Luca Lanini, Bruno Messina, Carlo Moccia, Edoardo Narne, Raffaella Neri, Pisana Posocco and Andrea Sciascia.

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