First Dynamo Bike in Pisa

La prima Dynamo Bike di Pisa
La prima Dynamo Bike di Pisa
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The Blue Flag Municipality of Pisa supports Dynamo Camp and its '2 Million km' project. This is why it has organised, in collaboration with FIAB and UISP, the solidarity ride called Dynamo Camp. 

But the challenge continues until 15 September! Whether you are a professional cyclist or only take your bike to go shopping, it doesn't matter, everyone can join in, each at their own pace.

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The 2+ Million Kilometres is a non-competitive challenge open to all bicycle lovers: competitive and amateur cyclists, sports groups, individuals, families, municipalities and companies.

Whether you are a professional cyclist or just take your bike to the shops, it doesn't matter, everyone can join in, each at their own pace.

The goal is to reach 2+ Million Kilometres and support Dynamo Camp's Recreational Therapy to bring smiles to many special children who face the great challenge of fighting serious or chronic illnesses every day.

Our mission is to offer them the chance to go back to being 'simply children' by experiencing inclusive activities, centred on fun, group collaboration and the rediscovery of their own abilities.

1. Sign up for the event 

Fill in the registration form and select your mode of participation: individual, company, group or municipality. Now you can create your personal page where you can tell about your campaign, give it a title and describe, even briefly, why you decided to cycle for the children of Dynamo Camp.

2. Grind Kilometres

It doesn't matter if you are an athlete, an amateur, if you join the challenge with a group of friends or with your family, let alone if you use your bike on the road, in the mountains, indoors or to go to work. Let's all contribute together to the goal of 2+ Million Kilometres. By downloading the free Strava APP you can track your performance on your personal page or you can manually upload the kilometres you have covered.

3. Collect donations

Support us with your fundraising. The real goal will be the help you give to many children with serious or chronic illnesses. It will be you, putting your heart and legs into it, who will give them the Recreational Therapy that enables them to become, quite simply, children again. Because happiness is everyone's right.

4. Involve your friends

Share your challenge by involving as many people as possible: friends, relatives, colleagues: invite them to ride with you or, if they really don't want to ride, invite them to support your campaign with a donation.

How do you win?

There will be four rankings: Individuals, Teams, Companies, Municipalities.

Both sporting performance and fundraising will be taken into account according to this criterion:

1 km = 1 point
1 € = 2 points
Example: 10km + 10€ = 10 + 20 = 30 points

Prizes will be awarded to the first 3 runners in the final classification of their category.

How long does the race last?

The race to collect points starts on 16 May and ends on 12 September.

What do you win?

The winners will receive an exclusive invitation to participate in the Open Day, a day dedicated to institutions and supporters. The event will be held during the first weekend of October 2022 at Dynamo Camp in Limestre, Tuscany, in the unique setting of the WWF-affiliated Dynamo oasis.