Celebration of the Day of St. Anthony the Abbot 2023

Celebrazione del Dì di Sant’Antonio Abate 2023
Celebrazione del Dì di Sant’Antonio Abate 2023
St. Anthony Curch
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The Day of St. Anthony Abbot, the day on which the "Battagliaccia" is remembered, is approaching.

On Tuesday, Jan. 17 at 6 p.m., at the Church of St. Anthony in Pisa, the traditional celebration of the Dì di Sant'Antonio Abate, the day on which the so-called "battagliaccia" (or battagliuccia) of the Gioco del Ponte (Game of the Bridge) was anciently played.

The initiative, now in its 52nd year, kicked off a tradition stubbornly carried on by the late historic president Umberto Moschini, which has not stopped since and led, in 1982, to the rediscovery and restoration of the Gioco del Ponte. It is still today a moment of great significance, of restart and confrontation between the peoples of the Game and fans in projection of the challenge on the bridge in June.

Monday's celebrations will also be attended by the Council of Elders and a representation of the Parties. Also among the planned initiatives will be a commemorative postcard and a convivial moment to celebrate the beginning of the Juggernaut year. On this occasion we invite the citizenry to display the Pisan flag.