A night walking tour on the Pisan walls

Passeggiata in notturna sulle Mura di Pisa
Passeggiata in notturna sulle Mura di Pisa
Mura di PIsa
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A night walk at 11 meters high, immersed in the beauties of Pisa under the summer sky: the extraordinary evening openings on the walkway at high altitude of the Walls of Pisa return.

First appointment on Sunday 19th July with a visit between history, culture and architecture: the participants will receive special "necklace" lights and will be accompanied by a guide who will take them on a journey through the monuments that testify the history of Pisa: the thermal baths Roman 'Bagni di Nerone', the medieval churches of San Francesco and Santa Caterina, the rationalist complex 'Polo Marzotto', up to the size of Piazza dei Miracoli, following the red thread that links these places to the history of the city walls. The initiative will be repeated on Sunday 26th.

For all the info and to book the event, visit the official website.