The Tango of the Capinere at the Teatro Verdi

Il Tango delle Capinere al Teatro Verdi
Il Tango delle Capinere al Teatro Verdi
Teatro Verdi di Pisa
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On Sunday 18 February 2024, at 9 p.m., "Il Tango delle Capinere" by Emma Dante with Sabino Civilleri and Manuela Lo Sicco produced by Atto Unico will be staged at the Teatro Verdi.

In co-production with Teatro Biondo Palermo / Emilia Romagna Teatro ERT - Teatro Nazionale / Teatro di Roma - Teatro Nazionale / Carnezzeria / Théâtre des 13 vents, Centre dramatique national Montpellier / MA scène nationale - Pays de Montbéliard co-ordination and distribution Aldo Miguel Grompone, Rome.

An elderly woman, leaning over an open trunk, searches for something. Music is heard and from another trunk appears an elderly man in a timeworn formal dress. The two look at each other, embrace and begin to dance together.

At the stroke of midnight the man sets off a small firecracker, throws confetti into the air. They kiss, the air is festive. The woman pulls a bridal veil from her trunk and turns the crank of a small music box. The couple is as if rejuvenated, and on the notes of old songs they celebrate the coming of the new year by dancing backwards to their love story.

Here is the dance of the lives of two lovers. Here is the deepening of a study, Ballarini, that was part of the Spectacle Trilogy. Now, Il tango delle capinere becomes a performance in its own right that, by composing the mosaic of memories, makes the loneliness of a woman in the last phase of her life more bearable.


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