Photography marathon

Maratona Fotografica
Maratona Fotografica
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On Saturday 25 May 2024 from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. the Photo Marathon will be held. It will take place over a period of twelve hours divided into four sections corresponding to four different themes. The organisers will announce the themes, one at a time every three hours, at city meeting points and online. You can participate with either an analogue or digital camera

The Photo Marathon will take place in Pisa and ON LINE* Participants in PISA will meet at 9.00 a.m. at the Bar La Tazza d'Oro in Piazza Clari n. 2 in Pisa (The bar will offer participants a coffee and a croissant for breakfast and a cold plate with drink for lunch)

Entrants in the analogue photography section will receive a 36-place b/w roll. Participants with digital cameras will use their own empty memory cards. Participants outside Pisa, or those who cannot reach the meeting point despite being in the vicinity, will follow the communication of the themes on the association's ON LINE channels:

It starts at 09.00 hours with the communication of the FIRST THEME.

At 12 noon, the SECOND THEME will be announced.

At 3 p.m. it will be the turn of the THIRD THEME.

The FOURTH and last theme will be announced at 18.00.

By 9 p.m. the photos produced will be handed in.

Participants in analogue mode will hand in their films.

Digital marathon participants will download a maximum number of 36 images** onto the computers provided by imago.

* ON LINE participants and/or those who cannot make it to the meeting point, please send by the following day (Sunday 29 May) a digital contact proof of a maximum of 36 pictures or alternatively a folder with a maximum of 36 single low resolution pictures to the e-mail address

** We recommend shooting in low Raw+Jpeg, we will only need the low jpegs as proof of the shots taken during the day.

If you have taken more shots in the 12 hours, please select the maximum number allowed directly in the car to facilitate delivery).


The organisers will hand over the developed rolls and contact prints to the participants of the analogue section, while to the digital photographers they will send by the same date a pdf contact print to the email address communicated at the time of registration. On the basis of these, participants must print or have printed one photo of their choice for each theme and deliver the 4 prints to the imago association or to the ‘Bar La Tazza d'Oro’ (Piazza Clari n. 2 in Pisa) by 14 July. The 4 b/w or colour photos must have a format of 20×30 cm and be mounted on 30×40 cm black cardboard. On the back of the card first and last name and theme. Post-production is free. 

By the same date, the 4 photos chosen for the exhibition must be sent to (this will be used to set up an online photo gallery).


The photographs collected will be used to set up the Exhibition of the 21st IMAGO PHOTO MARATHON to be held in the autumn (the official date will be announced as soon as possible).


Entry fee: 

Digital photography section € 15

Analogue photography section € 22

You can register online at Download the ENROLLMENT FORM at and send it to:

You can register until 24 May.

INFO:;; 328 66 10 814