Mamutzones di Samugheo at Pisa

Mamutzones di Samugheo a Pisa
Mamutzones di Samugheo a Pisa
Centro Storico Pisa
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On the occasion of its 25th anniversary celebrations, the 'Grazia Deledda' association of Pisa organises a live performance by the Mamutzones of Samugheo.

On Saturday, 21 October 2023, starting at 15.30, a parade of traditional masks will start in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele and end in Piazza Cavalieri.

The event is organised in collaboration with the cultural and folkloristic association 'Su Masu' under the patronage of the Municipality of Pisa.

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Traffic modifications:

From 2.00 p.m. until 6.00 p.m. vehicle traffic will be closed to traffic, limited to the passage of participants following the event, piazza Vittorio Emanuele, Corso Italia, via di Banchi, piazza XX Settembre, Ponte di Mezzo, piazza Garibaldi, Borgo Stretto, via Ulisse Dini, piazza dei Cavalieri.