L'altro Giacomo at Teatro Verdi

L'altro Giacomo al Teatro Verdi
L'altro Giacomo al Teatro Verdi
Fondazione Teatro di pisa
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Sunday 7 April 2024 at 5 p.m. comes to Teatro Verdi  "L'altro Giacomo", from an idea by Renato Raimo freely inspired by the short story "O dolci baci o languide carezze" by Adolfo Lippi; written by Renato Raimo and Kris B. Writer; directed by Renato Raimo; music by Giacomo Puccini; with Renato Raimo and with Chiara Maria Battaglia in the role of Elvira; Rachel Stellaci soprano, Vladimir Reutov tenor, Carlo Bernini and Massimo Salotti piano; musical direction by Carlo Bernini Production Rec Srl / Puccini Festival Foundation.

An intimate journey that leads into Giacomo Puccini's life and through the streets of Lucca, the city where the composer met Elvira, the one who would become his lifelong companion and faithful wife, and who despite himself would have to share him with other overwhelming loves of which Puccini reveals spicy details.

On stage, a little-known Puccini, extraordinarily tied to his own territory, Pisa, Lucchesia, Versilia, portrayed in his daily intimacy, without a tie or hat, with a lit cigar, while he lets himself go in confidences and confessions.

A show of prose and music at the same time, where the most beautiful arias from his operas bring to the stage characters and characters that celebrate a great Italian genius who, not only in musical composition, was capable of extraordinary innovations.

Tickets on sale at the Botteghino del Teatro di Pisa, which will reopen on Thursday 4 April, and on the Vivaticket circuit.

Info: +39 050 941111