Dance on the walls of the Scotto Garden

Danza sulle mura del Giardino Scotto
Danza sulle mura del Giardino Scotto
Mura del Giardino Scotto
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The Walls of the Scotto Garden will open the second evening of the XIII edition of "NavigArte. Navigations between dance, music, visual arts at the Porta del Mar", international festival to be held in Pisa from 8 September to 13 October, born in 2011 from an idea of Con.Cor.D.A./Movimentoinactor, with the artistic direction of Flavia Bucciero, supported by Regione Toscana, Fondazione Pisa, Comune di Pisa, UniCoopFi and realized with the collaboration of University of Pisa, Fondazione Cerratelli, R.A.T.

Saturday, September 9 at 7p.m. choreography "Arianna and the Minotaur" by Con.Cor.D.A, in the covered stretch of the Walls of the Scotto Garden, recently restored, a unique opportunity to merge place and art, free admission.

In addition, visitors of the Walls, showing the ticket, will have access to the shows of the Festival with a reduction.

The complete program of the event, info and reservations on:, Theatres of Dance and Arts at the Corte Sanac 97/98 in Pisa, phone 050 501463,