Colors: Autumn Edition 2023 at GaMec

Colors: Autumn Edition 2023 al GaMec
Colors: Autumn Edition 2023 al GaMec
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On Saturday 11 November 2023 at 5.30 p.m. at the exhibition spaces of the CentroArteModerna Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery in Pisa, curated by Massimiliano Sbrana, on Lungarno Mediceo at no. 26, the group exhibition 'Colors: Autumn Edition' will be inaugurated.

Colours are one of the most powerful expressions of art and human culture. In painting, colours not only represent reality, but also the artist's vision and message. Each historical and artistic period has had its own preferences and innovations in the field of colours, but especially since Impressionism, colours have become the main elements of works.

Among the most striking colours are certainly those of autumn, which evoke feelings of nostalgia, melancholy and beauty. which this exhibition of CONTEMPORARY ART also seeks to celebrate through the works of some of the most interesting contemporary Italian artists.

Here are the artists on display: Andreozzi Sergio, Astarita Sofia, Beccaro Bruno, Berti Albert, Bonanni Paol, Bracciotti Michele, Carta Daniela, Castelli Graziella, Corrado Mimmo, Di Sacco Glauco, Favilli Antonella, Guadagni Marco, Lupetti Franca, Mabel (Marzia Tarabella), Norelli Luigi, Pannunazio Maria Teresa, Ricci Laura, Rigacci Marco, Sbrana Giulio, Scarpelli Luca.

The exhibition will continue until Wednesday 22 November 2023 with free admission. Opening times: 10-12,30 a.m. - 4,30-7,00 p.m. (weekdays).

Special opening Sundays 12 and 19 November 2023 16.30-18.30. Closed