ChocoPisa 2023

ChocoPisa 2023
Logge di Banchi
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From Friday 17 to Sunday 19 November 2023, the food of the gods lands in the city of the Leaning Tower with the new event organised by Confcommercio Pisa.

ChocoPisa is the Festival dedicated to Chocolate that will have as its location the prestigious Logge dei Banchi, also known as Logge dei Mercanti or del Buontalenti: they were in fact designed by the great Florentine architect Bernardo Buontalenti and built at the request of Grand Duke Ferdinando I° dei Medici in the year 1606.

A 3-day Festival where you can taste, buy and discover artisan chocolate in all its forms and flavours, which will take visitors on a sensory journey between tradition and innovation.

A healthy snack with regional products: in fact, seven regions are represented by their producers who will characterise the three chocolate-flavoured days.

There will be nougats, pralines, cremini, Sicilian cannoli, bomboloni, cassate and almond paste sweets, as well as chocolate beer, the absolute novelty of this edition. Also coming to ChocoPisa is the Show Cooking, tasting chocolate combined with beer and, of course, liqueurs.

A world for young and old made of quality chocolate, with the aim of promoting the skills of top-quality Master Chocolatiers, to rediscover and promote their tradition, culture and value.

ChocoPisa awaits you every day from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The event is signed by the Confcommercio Association of Pisa and sponsored by the Municipality of Pisa.

Free entrance.

For information: +39 333 3405845 - +39 333 2352059 -