Luminara di San Ranieri 2024

Roberto Tota - Milleluci
Roberto Tota - Milleluci
Lungarni di Pisa
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Sunday, June 16, eve of the patron saint of the city San Ranieri, the Luminara di San Ranieri, one of the highlights of the Giugno Pisano, will be again back in Pisa.

In the afternoon will come into operation the employees selected specifically for the lighting of the candle lights, placed on the "biancherie" of the palaces, will illuminate the Lungarni enhancing with their glow the architectural forms of the buildings to create a unique and evocative atmosphere.

With dusk, thanks to the switching off of public and private artificial lighting, the Lungarni will begin to immerse themselves in the magical evening of San Ranieri and will go up the wait for the traditional fireworks display.

At 11:00 pm is in fact expected the start of the show on the Arno with a series of spectacular fireworks fired from floating platforms on the Arno.

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