Giugno Pisano at Palazzo Blu

Apertura straordinaria Palazzo Blu
Apertura straordinaria Palazzo Blu
Palazzo Blu
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On the occasion of the Luminara on Sunday, June 16, 2024, Palazzo Blu will be open until midnight (last entrance at 23.00).
You can visit the exhibition "Manuele Fior. Viaggio a colori", curated by Giorgio Bacci and "Antico e moderno: Dolfo sculptor in the residence of Palazzo Blu", curated by Ilario Luperini and in collaboration with the Dolfo archive.
Monday, June 17, on the occasion of the feast of San Ranieri, Palazzo Blu will be open from 10 to 20.

The exhibition on Manuele Fior is a true colour journey through the original plates of four graphic novels that cover fifteen years of intense creative activity of the illustrator. The plates belong to the works :  Five thousand kilometers per second, The Interview, Celestia, Hypericon. Representing a precious opportunity to enter the fascinating world designed by Manuele Fior, one of the greatest international talents in the field of comics and illustration.

The exhibition on Dolfo presents about twenty works of the artist, sculptures chosen among those able to illustrate the variation in time of its expressive orientations. The exhibition exhibits the 'modern' works of Dolfio among the 'ancient' ones of the permanent collection of Palazzo Blu on the main floor.

Open and open also the permanent collection and the historic residence, with the "Room of the twentieth century" with some recently acquired works such as 'View. The Apuane from the Marina of Pisa' (1901) by Guglielmo Amedeo Lori, 'The Gate (The vote to the forgotten of the earth)' (1916) by Galileo Chini and 'The monkey' by Spartaco Carlini.  To these is added a painting by Carlo Markò with a view of Caprona, exhibited in the Sala da Gioco of Palazzo Blu.

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