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Festival della Robotica
Festival della Robotica
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Back in Pisa the Festival of Robotics, now in its fourth edition, scheduled from 24 to 26 May 2024.  The heart of the Festival is the three-days in Pisa, from Friday 24 to Sunday 26 May. The Festival of Robotics will take place in the locations of Stazione Leopolda, Arsenali Repubblicani, Cinema Arsenale, Cinema Lumière, Canale dei Navicelli, Palazzo Blu, Logge di Banchi, Piazza XX Settembre.

All the events are free admission.

The ribbon will be cut at the Stazione Leopolda on Friday, May 24 at 16.30 in the presence of the organizers and authorities.  Personalities such as the Mayor of Pisa, the Councillor for relations with the university institutions of the Municipality of Pisa, the President of the Tuscany Region, the President of the Tuscan Regional Council, the Professor of Moral Philosophy of the University of Pisa Adriano Fabris are expected; the director of the MIT Senseable City Lab in Boston Carlo Ratti; the international director of Robotics at Amazon, Stefano La Rovere; the scientific director and vice president of Uniphore Roberto Pieraccini.

During the three days will be open to the Republican Arsenals, the Training Village with many robot simulators, whose console you can sit to test yourself with surgical training. There will be exoskeletons and other robotic systems with playful features.

THE PROGRAM is available at the following link:

And then the start with two appointments: the first, in the afternoon of Friday, May 24, will be a public debate on the social and ethical implications of robotics and artificial intelligence, moderated by journalist Tommaso Strambi, with guests Adriano Fabris, Emanuela Girardi, founder and president of Pop AI, Roberto Pieraccini, vice president of Uniphore, Stefano La Rovere, international director of Robotics at Amazon, Carlo Ratti, director of MIT Senseable City Lab and Sonia Paone, associate professor of sociology of the Environment and Territory at the University of Pisa and director of the degree course Sciences for Peace, University of Pisa and Eleonora Russo researcher of the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna (Stazione Leopolda 17.00).
The other event of the opening day, in the evening, will consist of an exhibition of wearable robotic technologies for everyday life and for sport. The event will be held in Logge di Banchi and Piazza XX Settembre from 21.00.

Among the flagship events in the program, there is waiting for Oussama Khatib, professor of Stanford University, considered one of the world’s leading experts in the field of robotics, expected in Pisa on Saturday afternoon, May 25, at the Arsenale Cinema in Pisa, to participate and comment on the screening of the docu-film "OceanOneK", together with Antonio Bicchi, professor of the University of Pisa, and Paolo Dario, professor emeritus of the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna (18.00).

The program of the three-day Pisa is able to capture the attention of a large audience, consisting both of experts, both from people who want to know better the impact of robotics and artificial intelligence that becomes increasingly pervasive in society.  Engineering, medicine, surgery, industry, culture, cinema (with the Pisa Robot Film Festival), ethics, training (with the Laboratories of educational robotics aimed at schoolchildren), art, agriculture are the thematic sessions of the Festival, with seminars, conferences, projections, meetings with schools, interactive demonstrations.

Info: https://roboticafestival.it/