Fanfare of the Bersaglieri in Pisa

Fanfara dei Bersaglieri a Pisa
Fanfara dei Bersaglieri a Pisa
Centro storico di Pisa, Marina di Pisa
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On the occasion of the upcoming celebrations for 2 June, Republic Day, the Fanfare dei Bersaglieri 'La Marmora' of Turin will be a guest in Pisa.

On Saturday 1 June, in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, homage will be paid to the memorial stone of Monte Grappa, in memory of the Pisan fallen soldiers of the Great War, who fought and fell in the trenches. At 5.30 p.m. a laurel wreath will be laid. Afterwards, after walking through the streets of the city centre, parading, running and singing, the Fanfare will end the day with a concert under the Logge dei Banchi starting at 6 p.m.

On the morning of Sunday 2 June, instead, the Fanfare will hold a concert in Largo Pontecorvo in Marina di Pisa at 11.00 a.m. and then march through the surrounding streets to celebrate the anniversary of the Italian Republic.

The Fanfare of the Bersaglieri "La Marmora" is the only band in the world to perform at a running pace, reinforcing the esprit de corps that characterises the strength and unity of the group, a corps, that of the Bersaglieri, that always arouses enthusiasm in the citizens.