Anatomy of a short film

Anatomia di un corto
Anatomia di un corto
Cineclub Arsenale
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The Arsenale will host a day-event dedicated to the language and production of the Short film, realized with Alfea Cinematografica and the Department of Civilization and Forms of Knowledge of the University of Pisa. Through a workshop dedicated to the production, direction and distribution, the meeting with directors of the Festival and young talents, and the screening of numerous short films, will be explored the Corto a 360 certain to find out where one of the most popular movie formats in the world is going.

Meetings and screenings at the Cineclub Arsenale in Pisa on the day-event Anatomy of a Short, to explore the linguistic, technical, productive and distributive aspects related to the universe of the short film. The initiative is free admission, scheduled Saturday, May 11 from 1:00 pm.

After a welcome light lunch, the works will be opened by the institutional interventions of Maurizio Ambrosini, professor of the history of cinema (University of Pisa) and, in video, by Stefania Ippoliti, director of Toscana Film Commission. There will be a panel dedicated to the workshops dedicated to the short film, with the intervention of Francesco Andreotti, professor of the shooting laboratory (University of Pisa), Sentiero Film Factory and Corte Tripoli Cinematografica. The day will continue with the workshop "Conceive, produce and distribute a short film", edited by the story editor Marco Compiani, with speeches by producer Pietro Torcolini and director Alessandro Grande. Then a meeting dedicated to short film festivals, in the presence of the artistic directors of Toscana Filmmakers Festival, Horror Festival, Independent storylines, Universo Corto, Lucid Dream Festival, Pisa Robot Film Festival. The event will close with a review of short films introduced by the meeting with the authors.

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