/ Migliarino estate and Massaciuccoli marshes

[SEZIONE] [ITINERARI] 4244 [/ITINERARI] [CORPO] The Migliarino estate is located north of Pisa and extends from the mouth of the Serchio to the border with the province of Lucca. In the Middle Ages it belonged to Countess Matilde di Canossa and then…

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/ Tombolo estate

[SEZIONE] [ITINERARI] 4244[/ITINERARI] [CORPO]The estate, located in the southern coastal strip of the Park, between the Arno river and its overflow canal 'Scolmatore', owes its name to the reliefs of the land, in Latin ‘tumulus', from which the…

Wed, 03/31/2021 - 14:15

/ The Park and poetry

[SEZIONE] [ITINERARI] 4244 [/ITINERARI] [CORPO](…) A traverso i cristalli si vedono gli oleandri, le tamerici, i giunchi, i pini, le arene d’oro sparse d’alghe morte, il mare in calma sparso di vele latine, la foce pacifica dell’Arno, di là dal…

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/ History of the Park

[SEZIONE] [ITINERARI] 4244[/ITINERARI] [CORPO]The Migliarino, San Rossore and Massaciuccoli Natural Park was established with the Regional Law of the Toscana Region no. 61 of 13 December 1979. Already in Roman times, this area was characterised by…

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/ The Park

[SEZIONE] [ITINERARI] 4244[/ITINERARI] [CORPO]The park is divided into various estates, located both south and north of the mouth of the Arno. To the south of the mouth of the Arno are the Tombolo estate, which includes the Cornacchiaia-Ulivo nature…

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/ Santi Cosimo and Damiano Park for the little ones

[SEZIONE] [ITINERARI] 3908 [/ITINERARI] [CORPO]The garden is dedicated to Saints Cosimo and Damiano because, before the bombings of the second war world, here stood the church dedicated to the two saints. Today, thanks also to the intervention of…

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/ Le Piagge and San Michele degli Scalzi for the little ones

[SEZIONE] [ITINERARI] 3908 [/ITINERARI] [CORPO]In the middle of the avenue there are the municipal library and the SMS exhibition centre, just in front of the church of San Michele degli Scalzi; look for the church and the leaning bell tower!  …

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/ Giardino Scotto for the little ones

[SEZIONE] [ITINERARI] 3908 [/ITINERARI] [CORPO]Enter the garden from Lungarno Fibonacci and… have fun! This public garden hosts a beautiful playground. On summer evenings it becomes a cinema. [/CORPO] [/SEZIONE]

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/ Parco delle Concette for the little ones

[SEZIONE] [ITINERARI] 3908[/ITINERARI] [CORPO] The park is enclosed between the Barbagianni (Barn owl) bastion (unusual name, perhaps born from the presence of the birds) and the monastery of San Silvestro, where once we would have found a…

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/ Botanical Garden, via Luca Ghini

[SEZIONE] [ITINERARI]3902 e 3903 e 3905 [/ITINERARI] [CORPO] One of Cosimo I's greatest projects was to reform the Pisan educational system. The Botanical Garden, born as Giardino dei Semplici in 1543 created by naturalist Luca Ghini, is today the…

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