The Cinema of the Normale

Il Cinema della Normale
Il Cinema della Normale
Piazza dei Cavalieri
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The appointments with "Il Cinema della Normale" are back!

From Saturday 16 to Wednesday 20 September in Piazza dei Cavalieri, five films will be screened with free admission starting at 9 pm.

This year's theme will be 'Fantastic points of view. Wonder in cinema'.

The festival is curated by the Scuola Normale Superiore and the Cineclub Arsenale, with the patronage of the Municipality of Pisa.


SATURDAY 16: "La Divina Cometa", directed by painter and sculptor Mimmo Paladino.

The film screening will be preceded by a conversation between Mimmo Paladino and Giorgio Bacci of the University of Florence.

SUNDAY 17: "The Faun's Labyrinth" by Guillermo Del Toro with an introduction by Gregorio Sorgonà (Scuola Nomrale Superiore);

MONDAY 18: "The Wizard of Oz" by Victor Fleming, in the original version with Italian subtitles with an introduction by Carlotta Cossutta;

TUESDAY 19: evening event to celebrate the centenary of the birth of Walt Disney with "Homage to Disney: Electronic Mickey Mouse", the first Mickey Mouse shorts in black and white will be screened, for the occasion with live soundtracks by Davide Barbafieri, Tommaso Tanzini and Nicola Stalliti.

The evening is organized in collaboration with the Fumetti&Popcorn exhibition with an introduction by Fabio Gadducci (University of Pisa).

WEDNESDAY 20: final evening of the festival with "The fabulous world of Amèlie" directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet with introduction by Chiara Tognolotti (University of Pisa).

In case of bad weather the evenings will be held at the Cineclub Arsenale in Vicolo Scaramucci.