Lo die di Santo Sisto 2023

Lo die di Santo Stefano 2023
Lo die di Santo Stefano 2023
Chiesa di San Sisto In Corte Vecchia
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On Sunday, 6 August 2023 (2024 S.P.), on the initiative of the Associazione Amici di Pisa and with the patronage of the Municipality of Pisa and the Province of Pisa, the celebrations of Lo Die di Santo Sisto in Corte Vecchia, Dies Memorabilis, will be held at the Church of San Sisto in Corte Vecchia.


6.00 p.m. 6 August through the centuries. Honours to the Fallen at the presence of the Authorities.

6.15 p.m. Inside the church: floral tribute to the bust of St. Sixtus
Holy Mass officiated by Don Francesco Barsotti in suffrage of the fallen Pisans of all wars
Blessing of the Grapes
Report by the President of the Association of Friends of Pisa

7.00 p.m. Honorary Membership Award to the 98th Group of the 46th Aerobrigade 
to brothers Travaglini and Dr. Donato Todisco

7.15 p.m. Commander Dr. Gianni Conzadori will report on 'The Galileo Galilei Airport, gateway to Tuscany".

8.00 p.m. Convivial meeting of Members in a typical Pisan restaurant