Pisa and the sea at the time of the Grand Duchy

Pisa e il mare al tempo del Granducato
Pisa e il mare al tempo del Granducato
Palazzo Toscanelli
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A documentary exhibition and a series of meetings organised by the Pisa State Archives 

Opening on 16 September 2022 is 'I cavalieri, l'arme, i mercanti. Pisa and the sea at the time of the Grand Duchy", an event presented by the State Archives of Pisa, which includes a documentary exhibition on the Pisan magistracies and a series of in-depth meetings, and will be attended by lecturers and researchers from the Department of Civilisations and Forms of Knowledge.

The documentary exhibition entitled "Dai cavalieri di Santo Stefano ai Consoli del mare: tre secoli di storia pisana" (From the Knights of St. Stephen to the Consuls of the Sea: three centuries of Pisan history) is dedicated to the two city magistracies that in the modern period defined the development of the city under the Grand Duchy. The documents from the Pisan Archives are flanked by some precious contributions from private collections, with uniforms, swords and original plates belonging to members of the Order, which tell of the customs and taste between the 18th and 19th centuries. Finally, a space in the exhibition has been reserved for the heritage of period costumes guarded by the Municipality of Pisa, which for the occasion is displaying uniforms, armour and accessories referring to the Knights of St. Stephen and their presence in the historical procession of the Gioco del Ponte, curated by Antonio Pucciarelli and the Department of Historical Traditions.

All Sunday openings of the exhibition will be accompanied by in-depth meetings on the history of the magistracies, but also on the iconography and cosmopolitanism linked to the sea and its relationship with the city of Pisa.

The exhibition, which can be visited until 25 October, will be inaugurated on Friday 16 September at 9.00 p.m. by a concert entitled Sulle ali della musica (On the Wings of Music), curated by the Artistic Director of the Fanny Mandelssohn Association, with Saung Eun Kin, soprano, Giuseppe Nova, flute and Elena Piva, harp, with music by A. Corelli, G.F. Händel, G. Verdi, J. Naderman, J. Tolou, F. Mandelssohn-Bartoldy, G. Bizet and J. Offenbach.

The documentary exhibition will remain open with free access on the Sundays of the meetings from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. and on all days when the study hall is open with prior reservation.

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