Pisa Half Marathon 2021

Pisa Half Marathon 2021
Pisa Half Marathon 2021
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On Sunday 10 October the City of Pisa and Pisa Ten half marathon will be run, two charity events organized by the ASD Leaning Tower Runners and by the association Per Donare la Vita Onlus. After a historic 2020 edition, the event returns as a symbol of hope and restart.

As every year, the aims of the competition are exclusively beneficial, in support of the culture of organ and tissue donation for transplant purposes. Alongside the half marathon, the third edition of Pisa Ten will be staged in the competitive and non-competitive versions.

The 2021 edition brings important news and some confirmations: Stefano la Rosa will be at the start. The GS Carabinieri champion, multi-medaled internationally, boasts a personal of 1.02.15 on the half marathon and will be the athlete to beat, who will compete for the final victory with the African champions.

The motor sport marches of the Tre Province Trophy are back on routes of 2 and 10 km. Registrations for this event, which everyone can join, can be made through sports groups or individually during the day of Saturday 9 October at the EXPO Village set up in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II. The cost of registration is 3 euros. The start of the motor ludic marches will not overlap that of the Pisa Ten and the half marathon. Participants will be able to start in staggered groups starting at 7:30 from largo Cocco Griffi, right next to the start of the Pisa Ten and the half marathon set up in via Contessa Matilde.

Access to the starting area of ​​the various events will be allowed only with COVID-19 green certification ("Green Pass"), NO-COVID self-declaration, and after checking the body temperature. Like last year, participants will have to wear goggles throughout the pre-departure phase and for the first 500 meters of the course. Upon arrival in Piazza dei Miracoli they will have to put on the mask again, avoiding any form of gathering.

For the start the participants will be divided into waves. The first to start will be that of Pisa Ten at 9, followed at regular intervals by those of the half marathon. Further details can be found in the rules available on the half marathon website (www.pisahalfmarathon.com).

Based on the staggered departures, the final classification will take into account the electronic times based on the detection of the transit of each individual participant on the starting and finishing lines.

As always, the start and finish area will see the participation of Radio Bruno.

The setting up of the EXPO Village is confirmed in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II and will be open to the public on Saturday 9 October from 9 to 18.

The Pisa Half Marathon will be an opportunity to remember, once again, Francesco Avino and Pietro Ciccorossi. To the memory of Francesco and Piero will be added the memories of Fabrizio Iacopini, who for many years had been one of the major promoters of the Pisa Half Marathon, and Sandro Salvadori, passionate runner from Pontedera.

Route of the race: Departures at 9.00 - 9.30 - 10.00 - 10.30 from via C. Matilde-viale delle Cascine crossing Aurelia-San Rossore-Sterpaia-via Aquile Randagie-via Delle Lenze- via Pierin del Vaga- via Vecelio-via dell'Argine - via Gentile da Fabriano -Ponte del Cep -via 2 Settembre-via Conte Fazio - L.no Sonnino- L.no Gambacorti- via Mazzini-via D'Azeglio-piazza Vittorio Emanuele II -via B. Croce- piazza Toniolo- via Bovio- L.no Galilei-Ponte di Mezzo - L.no Pacinotti-via Curtatone and Montanara- via S. Frediano- Piazza dei Cavalieri-via Consoli del Mare- via Carducci -Via Fedeli-via C. Maffi-via Camozzo-Piazza Archbishopric-Piazza Duomo.

(Variant of the "10 km" route: from Viale delle Cascine turn onto via Del Capannone to via delle Lenze, follow the same route to Lungarno Gambacorti, turn left onto the Ponte di Mezzo and follow the same route to the arrival).

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