Giornate FAI di Autunno nelle Terre di Pisa

Giornate FAI di Autunno nelle Terre di Pisa
Giornate FAI di Autunno nelle Terre di Pisa
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The initiative born in 2002 is the second national fundraising event of the FAI which sees the FAI Youth Groups as protagonists who, with their enthusiasm and their passion, in close collaboration with the FAI Delegations, accompany the public to discover the countless and precious places of artistic, landscape and social interest that represent the identity, history and traditions of Italy.

You exceptionally can visit the places that have joined during the weekend, on Saturday and Sunday.

Visits by appointment starting from 6 October.

To be sure of a reserved seat during the FAI Autumn Days, it is advisable to book a visit on the site, choose the preferred day and time from those available and pay the contribution in favor of the FAI.
Reservations will be open from Tuesday 6 October until all places are available for each visit slot. Enrollment in FAI online means that you can take advantage of admission to some exclusive places, and a discount on the required contribution. If the shifts available in online bookings are not full, it will be possible to involve visitors who have not booked until the visiting shift capacity is exhausted.

Info: 02 467615399