Sposalizio di Pisa col Mare

Scalo Roncioni
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The custom would be that July 6th would be recalled by the Sposalizio of Pisa with the Sea, as the Company of StylePisano has been doing for several years. For organizational reasons, however, the re-enactment this year will take place on Sunday, July 9th.
The meeting will be at 16:20 at Scalo Roncioni, with the departure of the boat scheduled for 17 (Mediceo lungarno, in front of Argini and Margini). The Sposalizio of Pisa with the Sea was a tradition entirely related to the naval life of the republican Pisa, which was gradually faded - in complicity with the Florentine occupation of the city - until it disappeared altogether. Today, there are only vague memories that make us even question our existence. Despite these doubts, the Company of StylePisano has retrieved this tradition, privately for practical reasons of the religious component that characterizes it, re-propounding it as a Pope's holiday.
There will be a boat that will arrive to the open sea where the ceremony will take place, symbolically followed by a toast on board. Reservations are necessarily required as the places are limited. As required by the Regulations for the Associations of the Province of Pisa, the event is reserved for members only. You can board on board. As always, packages will be offered, which include both the ordinary card and the cost of the boat, provided that, whoever is willing to do so, it can make a 15% discounts. 
The packages are the following - Members: 5 euros. Non-members: 10 euros (includes ordinary membership card) - Non-members (between 11 and 18 years): 5 euros (includes the card, after signing a parent's release or the parent). Children up to 10 years old do not pay. Information and reservations: info@compagniadellostilepisano.it, 340 8371799 (Gabriele)