White night of the stars

Cielo 2
Cielo 2
centro polivalente di San Zeno
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Saturday night from 8pm to 1am, at the Polyvalent Center of San Zeno, the 'White Night of the Stars', organized by the Astronomical Observatory San Giuseppe di Montespertoli in collaboration with the town council and the Sds of Pisa. In the garden of the structure will be set up the planetary mobile where, starting from the 20, will be proposed seven spherical projections.
At 20.00 and 00.30: 'Two pieces of glass' (a short film about the history of modern astronomy, from the Galileo telescope to today, through spectacular images of heaven and galaxies);
At 20:45 and at 23: 'The Solar System' (an exploration of the solar system from Earth, Moon, Sun to Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn)
At 21.30 and at 23.45: 'The sky of the month' (a journey through the most visible constellations this month); At 22.15 'Our Galaxy' (at the discovery of planetary, supernovae, gas interstellar nebulae).
Hours 21: 'The Zodiac: Signs or Constellations?'
Hour 21.45: 'S.E.T.I. Or: are we alone in the universe? '
22.30 hrs: 'The conquest of space: history and technique'
Hours 23.15: 'The Solar System'
Hours 24: 'Discovery of the Universe'
Finally, two telescopes will be available for the night, for direct observation of Jupiter, Saturn and Moon. Citizens will also be able to visit the San Zeno Polyvalent Center (managed by the Healthcare Company by UISP), which houses an aggregation center for the elderly, a crib library and an information desk on receipts.
To take part in the screenings, each of about 30 minutes, the reservation is required: it will be possible to do so by writing to the email address assessore.capuzzi@gmail.com or, on the evening itself, at the gazebo that will be active at the polyvalent center of San Zeno from 8pm on.