"ERA" IL 4 NOVEMBRE 1966. Cinquant'anni dall'alluvione a Pontedera.

Alluvione Pontedera Article
Alluvione Pontedera Article
Museo Piaggio
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"ERA" 4th November 1966. Fifty years after the flood in Pontedera

The exhibition tells in unpublished photographs the sequence of events that took place on 4th November 1966, the day of the flood: the moments when the water inundated the streets; the mud-covered roads, and the work done by the volunteers and the population of Pontedera to clean up.

The Piaggio factory, the hospital, the shops, private homes, everything was swept away but, once again, people’s open-heartedness and the desire to start again prevailed.

Opening: Tuesday 22th november at 5 p.m
Viale Rinaldo Piaggio, 7 - 56025 - Pontedera (PI)
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