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The event is part of the official celebrations for the 150th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Amity and commerce between Japan and Italy promoted by the Embassy of Japan in Italy and is organized by the municipality of Pisa and the harp, with the partnership of the Foundation Italy Japan and the Chamber of Commerce of Pisa.

The idea of the show stems from a visit of Maestro Kan in the Centre of Pisa and the fascination that the city underwent exercised upon him. Hence the project to support its contemporary works of art to architecture and spaces of the squares and streets of Pisa, rich in history and charm. A charm which was extended to Torre del Lago, where the master will take care of the staging of "Madama Butterfly" at the Grand Theatre on July 29 and August 10, 2016 Giacomo Puccini on outdoor.


"My subject, marble, is the matter that recurs in squares and monuments pisani that chronicles centuries of art and architecture. This is the time that I want to touch and share and contaminate with my works. " So Kan Yasuda explains the project that he is the protagonist and is an interaction, almost a contradiction, between his minimalism, in art is to reduce the shape to ease and the language to its essence and Majesty of monuments pisani. With "Touch" the artwork of Kan fits into these spaces as a living presence, almost sacred, for purity of form that calls for respect, contemplation, silence. The sculptures of Kan Yasuda establish a dialogue humble, subdued. In the wonderful city of Pisa Board this project places them as pawns to suggest a silent game of questions and answers. Tells the architect Marco Signorini, among the originators of the exhibition: «I saw work Kan Yasuda in the laboratory of George Angels in Querceta. Levigava his works back from an exhibition and struck the elegance, lightness and perfection, finishing without realizing it to stroke her so much they were smoothed and polished. His sculptures seem designed to honor the statuary marble, white and bright material that for centuries has dressed in sacred architecture and sculpture splendor, much to be defined in ancient holy stone ". An exhibit space waiting for visitors, amid tourists and citizens. The exhibition "en plein air", along a path "of art in art", which comes to touch the sacredness of Piazza dei Miracoli. The exhibition is organized by the municipality of Pisa and the harp, with the partnership of the Foundation Italy Japan and the Chamber of Commerce of Pisa. The event is one of the 150 anniversary celebration initiatives of signature of the Treaty of friendship and trade relations between Italy and Japan promoted by the Fondazione Italy Japan and integrates with the opera "Madama Butterfly" at Gran Teatro all'aperto Giacomo Puccini Torre del Lago (29 July and August 10, 2016), with scenes of Kan Yasuda and costumes by Regina Schrecker.

Exhibition "en plein air" along a tourist route in the historic centre of Pisa. Click here to see the path

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Picture by Nicola Gnesi