Le camelie del chiostro

Locandina Mura
Locandina Mura
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Nicosia celebrates his birthday, as many as 750 years from his foundation, and shows them all. In agreement with the Municipality of Calci will not be appointed a special Committee for the festivities, but the initiatives to bring Nicosia to the general attention will be numerous. First of all the twelfth edition of "The Camellias of the cloister", an event that will take place in Nicosia di Calci in spring, Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 April, on the occasion of the flowering of two centuries-old camellia plants growing in the cloister of the convent. The party, with free admission and sponsored by the Municipality of Calci and the Tuscany Region, will take place again this year over two days, Saturday afternoon and Sunday all day. As usual, the camellias of the territory, the guided itineraries in Nicosia and in the territory of Calcesano, the picnic in the olive grove of the convent, the installations, the exhibitions, the workshops for the children, the games, the snack, will not miss. , the music and the beautiful surprises that you will discover only by participating in the party.
The event will have as main protagonist the portion of wood recovered and made safe thanks to the crowdfunding project to which many people have joined. The forest, which will be inaugurated and open to everyone on Saturday afternoon, tells once again how much people love this place and how strong and deep is the link with the convent and with the surrounding territory. The forest, once again usable, will mark the first step towards a recovery of Nicosia which, thanks to the important financing of the Mibact of the last few days, now becomes more concrete and possible. You can start from small things, but one step after another you can go far.