Teatro Lumière
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with Mauro Tiberi & Druna
Sainkho Namtchylak: voice, action painting
Mauro Tiberi: bass, voice, electronics, lyra pontiaca
Gianluca Bacconi: synthesizers
Ivan Macera: drums and percussion
"Marco Polo"
is a concert in which the voice and the theatricality of the famous Siberian singer Sainkho Namtchylak joins the music that ranges between psychedelic, space rock and psytrance by Mauro Tiberi with his psychedelic project called Druna ...
The singer, poet and painter Sainkho Namtchylak, in this concert offers a psychedelic view of the journey back from the east of Marco Polo, imagining the road and the load of spices and fabrics that Marco Polo and his caravan brought with them. .. but on this journey we add to this load a strange oriental woman who with her voice, with her art and with her presence bewitches the whole caravan. Between original songs and the international successes of the singer such as Dance of the eagle, Transparent Shadow and other excerpts from his most famous records. A concert in which the union of various forms of art is linked by the sensuality and hypnotic groove of the sound of Druna and the song of Sainkho ...
Admission 12 euros
LUMIERE THEATER in the alley of Tidi 6
INFO: SPAZIONOMADE 347 54 59 993