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It starts on Sunday, October 22nd, at 5.30 pm with the lucky diary of a trained teacher. It is Mario Fillioley, a well-known blogger in the post and high school teacher, the class fighter (minimum fax 2017) that will be presented at the Open Red Theater. With the author there will be other young school teachers: Mariangela Priarolo, Donatella Morea and Silvia Chiletti. To cure some readings from the book will be Franco Farina, writer and trainer.
The second appointment, still pointing, is with Massimo Bucciantini, a well-known historian of science just released in a bookcase with a volume Einaudi entitled Un Galileo in Milan. This is the biography of the famous Galileo Life of the Brechtian theater performed by Strelher, Milan in '63, which so shaken the lay and less secular soul of Italy in the '60s. On October 24th, at 17 o'clock, together with the author, they will discuss: Laura Montanari (journalist of Republic), historian Sergio Luzzatto, Alberto Negrin (assistant director of Strelher). The reading will be handled by Giovanni Guerrieri of the company The Sandbags.
The appointments with the Rossi books end on 31st October with the presentation of a sociological essay by Federico Chicchi and Anna Simone. The service company (Ediesse 2017) is a book that analyzes the social mismatch of work roles in a society that needs more and more people. A two-voice book, a kind of dialogue about the mechanisms that govern and direct the actions of individuals by transforming them into performance. Everyone is asked to get involved individually and turn every action into a self-test.
To discuss with the authors there will be Sandra Burchi, sociologist at the University of Pisa and Anastasia Barone, an activist.
All appointments take place at the Open Red Theater of Via Collegio Ricci 1 at free entrance.,