White dinner

Copertina Cib 18
Copertina Cib 18
Piazza dei Miracoli
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No plastic, no cans and no paper on the table. The participants set and dine together. At the end of the evening, they pick up the waste, collect and leave the place of dinner in silence as they found it.
What's Dinner in Bianco Pisa®
It is open to anyone who wants to participate by booking their place
it is white because all the tables will be set in white with white chairs; All participants will be asked to dress in white, bringing home white dishes
It is imaginative because everyone can customize their table with the decorations they prefer (flowers, candles ...) and can dress giving free rein to their creativity (provided, of course, all in white)
it is different because it promotes the richness of diversity in an all-white scenario
it is environmentally friendly because plastic and disposable materials are banned and because at the end of the evening the space will be returned clean (everyone will take their waste away)
It is free because everyone can bring their own dinner from home and sit at the table where he wants and with whom he wants
she is cheerful because it is a way to be together, get to know each other and share
This initiative represents an important moment of integration and visibility for the results of AIPD Pisa Onlus, an evening in which we are all dressed the same but all with our diversity, a convivial and free moment, open to all, that gives the desire to chat to know each other share with the neighbor that we do not know and discover the common points.
At 19.00 participants can start to set the tables, while at 20.30 the evening will be kicked off with the usual toast by the organizers.