Un fiume di libri in Piazza Cavallotti

Un fiume di libri in Piazza Cavallotti
Un fiume di libri in Piazza Cavallotti
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"A river of books in Piazza Cavallotti" is the title of the review organized from 29 June to 5 August in Piazza Cavallotti by the independent publishing house of Pisa and the Erasmus bookshop and sponsored by the Municipality of Pisa. For six weeks outdoors every evening on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (and in one week also on Friday) books will be presented mostly by authors who live in our city. Reading the book that has often accompanied us during the long months of closure due to the health emergency is now proposed precisely to start again with moments of sociability and meetings in the presence.

Almost all books published in recent months, and mostly by authors living in Pisa, of fiction, poetry, plays and non-fiction (in particular current affairs and art) will be presented.

The participating publishing houses are Astarte edizioni, Carmignani Editrice, Della Porta Editori, dreamBOOK edizioni, Edizioni ETS, Felici Editore, Mds Editore, Marchetti Editore, Pacini Editore.


Tuesday 29 June at 9.15 pm
First presentation

Save me who can. Story of a patient between numbers and people, by Fabio Cignoni (Carmignani Editrice April 2021).

Presented by: Maurizio Iacono, professor of History of Philosophy at the University of Pisa; Paolo Malacarne, head of the Anesthesia and Intensive Care Department of Pisa. Moderated by Luigi Sofia. The author intervenes.

Wednesday 30 June at 9.15 pm
First presentation

Goldsmith art in Pisa between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The Duomo and the city of Daria Gastone (Astarte Edizioni, December 2020).

Introduces Antonella Capitanio, professor of the history of goldsmithing and applied art at the University of Pisa. The author intervenes

Thursday 1 July at 9.15 pm
First presentation

The Red Viola by Alessandro Scarpellini (Felici editore June 2021).

Presenting: Fabrizio Meini, theater director and playwright; Fabrizio Felici, editor. The author intervenes. Readings Stefania Pugi, actress. Musical suggestions by Giacomo Innocenti and the singer Marina Mulopulos

Tuesday 6 July at 9.15 pm
First presentation

Three Pisans in the trenches. Four years of battles for the Pisan Oncology Center by Anna Di Milia Tongiorgi, Paola Pisani Paganelli, Isabella Salvini Calamai (Ets Editions December 2020).

Presents Manuela Roncella, director of the UO of the University Hospital of Pisa. Coordinated by Daniela Giannelli, head of the ASL Northwest Pisa communication office The authors speak.

Wednesday 7 July at 9.15 pm
Evening in memory of Patrizia Napoleone

On the occasion of the anniversary of her birth, family, friends and writers will intervene to remember and read passages by the recently deceased writer.

Thursday 8 July at 9.15 pm
Vine kaleidoscope. Monologues, dialogues and short stories by Massimiliano Barsotti (Marchetti Editore, July 2021).

Interview with the author prof. Marco Rossi, amateur actor and director

Tuesday 13 July at 9.15 pm
Poetry in music, edited by Vincenzo Mirra

Presentation of the album Old folk for new poets - musical project by Fernando Fidanza. Texts of the poets: Gianluca Ceccato, Alessandro Romanello, Flavia Cidonio, Jonathan Rizzo, Luca Fidanza, Valentina demuro, Mattia Tarantino, Marina Marchesiello, Vincenzo Mirra, Virginia Pedani, Roberto Crino ', Emanuela Mannino, Letizia Di Cagno

Presented by Fernando Fidanza and Vincenzo Mirra

Wednesday 14 July at 9.15 pm
First poem presentation

Secret love by Alessandro Scarpellini (Ensemble, 2020 editions).

They present: Giovanni Fascetti, historian and researcher of ancient traditions; Edoardo Olmi, poet. The author intervenes. Jazz ambient by Giacomo Innocenti (saxophone and clarinet)

Thursday 15 July at 9.15 pm
First presentation

Poppy Blooms Elsewhere by Claudia Turco (2021).

Anna dei numbers a history of the twentieth century by Cristiana Vettori (Helicon November 2020). A woman in search of her autonomy in the difficult years of the first half of the twentieth century. The author tells the story in a path of reconstruction of a personal female genealogy.

Introduces Giovanna Baldini, writer. The authors speak.

Friday 16 July at 9.15 pm
First presentation

The Italian language in 100 dates by Fiammetta Papi (Della Porta editions, October 2020).

Introduced by Roberta Cella, professor of Italian History at the University of Pisa. The author intervenes

Tuesday 20 July at 9.15 pm
First presentation

Secret Diary of Bartolomeo Allattati by Piero Panattoni (Helicon Editions May 2021).

Presents Cristiana Vettori, writer. The author intervenes.

Wednesday 21 July at 9.15 pm
Poetry presentation

My ancient Ortensia by Maria Grazia Del Puglia (Aletti May 2021).

Introduces Giovanna Baldini, writer. The author intervenes. Readings by Claudia Turco.

Thursday 22 July at 9.15 pm
First presentation

Traveling with the Amornauta. The constellation of love "by Lorenzo Oggero (Helicon July 2021).

Features Christian Vettori. The author intervenes.

Tuesday 27 July at 9.15 pm
First presentation

Hima (dreamBOOK editions, July 2020) and The ring ahead and the snakes behind (sequel dreamBOOK editions, July 2021) by Daniele Scasseddu.

Presents Stefano Mecenate, dreamBOOK publisher. The author intervenes

Wednesday 28 July at 9.15 pm

Franco Donatini presents three Pisan poets: Massimiliano Antonucci, Nadia Chiaverini, Serenella Menichetti

Thursday 29 July at 9.15 pm
First presentation

Presented by Sara Ferraioli, publisher. The author intervenes

Tuesday 3 August at 9.15 pm
First presentation

Presents Francesca Petrucci, editor, journalist, writer. The author intervenes.

Wednesday 4 August at 9.15 pm
First poem presentation

“Opera” by Adriano Spatola (dreamBOOK editions, [dia • foria November 2020).

Presented by the curator Daniele Poletti, owner [dia • foria. Bianca Maria Bonazzi, widow of Adriano Spatola, intervenes

Thursday 5 August at 9.15 pm

Chronicle of a battle by Alessandro Scarpellini (Pacini Editore May 2021).

They present: Alessio Bologna, historian; Paolo Pesciatini, Councilor for Tourism of the Municipality of Pisa. The author intervenes. Musical interventions by Antonio Gentilini and Massimo Cappellini