Volantino V Tour Galileo Pisa 15febbraio
Volantino V Tour Galileo Pisa 15febbraio
Tourist Office Pisa Walking in the City
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On the anniversary of Galileo’s birth, the 15th February, our Tourist Information centre organizes a guided tour on the footprints left by the great scientist in the city of Pisa. Recalling Galileo’s most significant places, the visitor will have the opportunity to discover the evocative glimpses of the city: from the well-known Piazza dei Miracoli to reach the Lungarni, where we can find the most beautiful palaces and churches of Pisa, through Borgo Stretto, centre of the daily life.

The tour:

  • Departure from the Tourist Information Centre in Piazza del Duomo, with a general introduction on the city and on the Square
  • Entrance in the Cathedral with guided visit
  • Explanation of the Baptistery and Monumental Cemetery with a “focus” on Galileo’s footprints gathered at their interior.
  • leaning tower with explanation of the experiments about the bodies fall
  • Walk in Borgo Stretto to Palazzo Bocca (Galileo’s father house)
  • Casa Ammannati (native house of Galileo) and Sant’Andrea Forisportam church
  • Last stop-over on Ponte di Mezzo and explanation of Palazzo reale tower, another suggestive place of the scientist’s life.

Price: 10 euro per person

Duration: 2 hours

Languages: double language IT/EN

The tour includes the entrance in the Cathedral and the use of Whisper radio, earphones which led to a better and comfortable guided tour

We suggest you to book the tour in advance, by calling  050.550100 or send an email to