Tornano le frecce tricolore a Pisa

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There will also be the 'WeFly! Team ', the only air patrol in the world in which 2 of the 3 pilots are disabled, to embellish the performance of the Frecce Tricolori, scheduled for next May 19th in Tirrenia at 3.30pm. The event, which returns just two years after the last edition, was presented this morning, April 2nd, at Palazzo Gambacorti.
"The exhibition - explained Salvatore Iacono, president of the Aero Club Pisa - will see the participation of the national aerobatic team (Pan - Frecce Tricolori), of some aircraft of the experimental flight department of the 15th search and rescue Storm of Cervia and of the 46th Air Brigade It was also requested the participation of the Folgore Brigade for the launch of the paratroopers and the Guardia di Finanza which will make a demonstration of ability at sea.The event, although having its headquarters at the Bagno Mary of Tirrenia, will involve as always the whole coast from Marina to Calambrone, we expect at least 100 thousand people to be present ".
Pisa is one of the two localities of the Tyrrhenian chosen for the 2019 Frecce Tricolori program. "The exhibition - says Girolamo Iadicicco, general of the 46th Air Brigade - will not fail to leave everyone amazed. It is an event that shows once again how the armed forces feel close to citizenship". The councilor for tourism, Paolo Pesciatini, was satisfied. "The skies of our city - says Pesciatini - will return once again to paint themselves with the colors of the homeland. The event will also start the summer initiatives of the coast by transmitting two messages that are fundamental for us, also through the presence of the 'WeFly! Team': freedom and inclusion ".
The Frecce Tricolori and the 'WeFly! Team 'will arrive in Pisa on Friday 17 May. On this occasion the base will be open to local schools and the press. Saturday 18, from 3.30pm, the tests in view of the real Airshow, scheduled for Sunday 19 at 15.30. Meanwhile, a series of side events are being studied to further enhance the event.
"The bond of Pisa with the aeronautics - said the mayor, Michele Conti, and the deputy mayor, Raffaella Bonsangue - has always been very strong and this event fits into the wake of this tradition, involving the coast, the city and the whole territory surrounding".