Summer Knights 2022

Summer Knights 2022
Summer Knights 2022
Piazza dei Cavalieri
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Ariete, Achille Lauro, Francesco Gabbani and Elisa will be the stars of the third edition of "Summer Knights 2022", a series of cultural events and shows organised by the Comune di Pisa, Culture Department, in collaboration with the Verdi Theatre Foundation and LEG Live Emotion Group. The artists will perform from 8 to 17 September in the splendid setting of Piazza dei Cavalieri.

The first event will be on Thursday 8 September with Ariete, the young singer with over 37 million streams of the platinum-certified song "L'ultima notte". On Monday 12 September Achille Lauro will perform a completely new show, from the arrangements to the costumes, while the following day, Tuesday 13 September, it will be the turn of Francesco Gabbani, the much-loved singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has recently tried his hand at hosting a successful programme on Rai1. The last event will be on Saturday 17 September, with Elisa, who with her "Back to the Future Live Tour" will take a trip around Italy amidst spectacular panoramic views and areas of great historical and cultural interest, and Pisa is among the locations selected for its great artistic value.

Started in 2019, interrupted in 2020 due to Covid, and resumed in 2021, the "Summer Knights" review has already hosted artists of the calibre of Brignano, Sgarbi, Paoli, Consoli, Bandabardò, Nannini, Panariello, Bertè, De Gregori and many others.

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Thursday 8 September

in "Mirror Tour 2022"

After the 2021 summer tour that took her, at only 19 years old, all over Italy with 27 dates that were a great success with the public, Aries returns live to present her first and long-awaited album "Specchio". Released on 25 February 2022, it contains 11 tracks already anticipated by the singles "L" and "Club". After the success of the two 2020 EPs "Space" and "18 Years", Aries is now a young reference voice with over 37 million streams on the platinum-certified track "L'ultima notte".

"Mirror" is a record in which a more conscious and mature attitude of the artist emerges. Simplicity, frankness and sincerity are the backbone and common thread of all the tracks, giving that extra touch of authenticity that embraces and makes the listener feel understood. Aries, with his "Bedroom pop", has always succeeded in creating deep dimensions that touch the most secret and intimate chords of the soul, telling his story without filters. There are frequent symbolic images that characterise his style, from the desire to dive into the past to stop time by bringing back to mind moments of past lives, to the fragility of the soul tormented by painful sentimental disappointments. An introspective journey and an open window on oneself, investigating the past, fears, memories and one's own weaknesses through a melancholic and nostalgic sound. For this project, Ariete is joined by some artists who characterise the contemporary scene, between rap and songwriting. Mirror" features Madame, the young rapper who wrote the track "Cicatrici" and Franco126, one of the most popular indie pop authors of the moment, who collaborated on the track "Fragili".

Monday 12 September

in "Achille Lauro Superstar - Electric Orchestra Tour".

Three more dates have been added to the Achille Lauro Superstar - Electric Orchestra tour. After the resounding success of the first dates already on sale, the tour is enriched with new stages that will host Achille Lauro during the summer of 2022. In the tour Lauro will be accompanied by 52 elements, in addition to the 5 members of the band, and will stage a completely new show, from the arrangements to the costumes, an evolution of everything we have seen so far. The artist will bring to the stage, among others, the songs contained in "Lauro - Achille Idol Superstar", the new edition of the Lauro album released on 11 February. The work includes 7 new bonus tracks, representing a natural evolutionary continuation of the path taken by the previous album '1969'. Among them, there is "Domenica", the song with which Achille Lauro competed at the 72nd Sanremo Festival, astonishing the audience with his iconic performance.

Tuesday 13th September

in "Live 2022"

Francesco Gabbani will be present with the summer tour with which he will tour Italy to present his new album "Volevamo solo essere felici" live. A tour with which Gabbani will return live after his last concert at the Arena di Verona and will finally be able to re-embrace his supporters while waiting for the autumn dates in the arenas.

Francesco Gabbani will be accompanied by his band: Filippo Gabbani (drums), Lorenzo Bertelloni (keyboards), Giacomo Spagnoli (bass) and Marco Baruffetti (guitar).

Saturday 17th September

in "Back To The Future Live Tour"

A message for the environment, a journey through 20 regions, 3 big dates at the Arena di Verona with many guests, the collaboration with UN SGD Action Campaign, a travelling celebration of music with the planet in mind: Elisa returns to the stage with a mammoth live project that will see her perform all over Italy, no region excluded, starting at the end of May.

The "Back to the Future Live Tour" will officially begin its journey in June and continue until September amidst spectacular panoramic views and areas of great historical and cultural interest. For the first time, Elisa will be the protagonist of a tour that will visit all the regions of Italy and the chosen locations will all be the scene of art and nature. Each stage will be an opportunity to enhance the place that will host it, and each one will be characterised by a particular natural, historical and/or cultural importance: a park, an area of badlands, a wood, an ancient village, a historical place (the choice of stages was made by involving the territories themselves). Thus "Back to the Future Live Tour" will not just be a tour but a travelling festival with a series of contents created in collaboration with Music Innovation Hub and other fellow travellers to raise public awareness of the green issue. At the centre, in fact, there will always be a particular commitment to the environment, following an important protocol drawn up by the Politecnico di Milano and Music Innovation Hub.