Still Life at GAMeC

La natura morta al GAMeC
La natura morta al GAMeC
GAMeC, Centro Arte Moderna
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On Saturday 13 May 2023 at 6.00pm, the group exhibition dedicated to Still Life opens at GAMeC

The term "Still Life", coined in the late Renaissance, is present with translations substantially similar in meaning in many European languages, for the English it is called "still-life", in Germany "stil leben", in Spain "naturaliza muerta", for the ancient Greeks still lifes were called "xenia", literally "hospitable gifts", from the word xenos, host.
On a conceptual level, representing a still life has a highly innovative meaning, it means moving from man's primitive relationship with things seen according to the function that man himself has conventionally attributed to them, subordinating them to himself as inanimate objects, to a consideration of things in themselves as bearers of autonomous meanings and aesthetic values and in a certain sense placed on the same level as the human figure.

Here are the artists present at this edition: Banti Franco, Beccaro Bruno, Bedolo Enrico, Berti Alberto, Bonanni Paola, Bracciotti Michele, Carta Daniela, Colombo Anna, De Santis Clara , Favilli Antonella, Gammarota Annarita, Musmeci Nadia, Nido Roberta, Norelli Luigi, Paglia Anna, Pannunzio Maria Teresa, Pederzolli Manuela, Pirelli Patrizia, Reali Daniela, Santi Maria Agata, Sbolci Renzo, Sbrana Giulio, Taddei Annamaria, Tarabella Marzia ( Mabell ), Vasile Anna.

The exhibition will be open until Wednesday 24 May, with the following opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. and from 4 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. Closed Sundays and Mondays.