Stabat Mater - concerto a Pisa

San Michele In Borgo Interno 01
San Michele In Borgo Interno 01
Chiesa di San Michele in Borgo
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Concert of sacred music on Monday 15 April at 9.15 pm in Pisa, in the Church of San Michele in Borgo.
The program includes the Stabat Mater by Piero Nissim for 4 solo voices and organ, on the liturgical text by Jacopone da Todi. In the song Roberta Ceccotti (soprano), Maria Bruno (mezzo-soprano), Paolo Morelli (baritone) and the same author Piero Nissim.
Concert master and organist Franco Meoli.
In the second part of the Concerto, other spiritual texts set to music by Piero Nissim and harmonized by Franco Meoli, including the "Nada te turbe" by Teresa d'Avila, a text / lullaby of an anonymous 18th century dedicated to the figure of Maria e " Avinu Malkenu "from the synagogal rite of Rosh Ha Shannàh, the Jewish New Year.
Free admission offer. Other info: Piero Nissim 329 054 9168