Friday 23rd March, at 9.15 pm, in the Cathedral, second concert of the sacred music festival 'Four Lenten and One Easter Concerts', with the Cathedral Chapel of Pisa directed by Riccardo Donati and the narrative voices of Andrea Buscemi, Martina Benedetti and Livia Castellana.
In the Palm Sunday, in the most beautiful and sacred building of the city, the poignant reading of the Passion of Marco, intercalated by the masterly execution of a cappella motets performed by one of the oldest and most prestigious musical institutions in the world.
The program includes pieces by Clari, Palestrina, Poulenc, Bardos, Bruckner and Donati. The performance will be preceded by a brief meditation by Don Severino Dianich.
The organization is of the Association Il Mosaico, of the Compagnia di San Ranieri and of the Metropolitan Chapter of the Duomo, and as always the entrance is free, with fundraising for Caritas, thanks to the contribution of the Pisa Foundation and other sponsors.